How To Lock Programs in Windows 10

If you are Android user and as well as Windows 10 user, On the Android device if you have ever locked your app using app locker, then you might have thought the same thing on Windows. If am right then you will be thinking “How to Lock programs in Windows 10”.

However, there are a couple of app lock for windows 10 which you can use to lock any app, but if you don’t want to go with any third-party app, don’t worry. You may follow this guide where we have written a technique to Lock the app on Windows 10.

Lock programs and apps in Windows 10

This guide is very easy and ends in few steps methods, you can read carefully and lock your app and program without any software.

To carry out this work, we are going to take advantage of the Group Policy editor. Unfortunately, Group policy is not enabled on Windows home by default, but you can enable Windows 10 group policy editor on Windows 10 home.

1. Press the “indows+R” shortcut key on your keyboard to open the run dialog box and then type the command “gpedit.msc”, hit enter.

How To Lock Programs in Windows 10

2. This opens the Group policy editor is the centralized management of the computer settings.

3. Navigate the User Configuration>Admininstrative Templates>System.

4. Click twice on the “Don’t run windows specified windows application”.

How To Lock Programs in Windows 10

4. Now Enable this service and click the show button, this will show you all the list of disallowed programs.

How To Lock Programs in Windows 10

5. You can add the program name ends with .exe in this list and lock it.

How To Lock Programs in Windows 10

6. Once You have done this, click the apply button.

Now you can not open the specified program that you have locked, Similarly, you can lock other applications and programs. This is good when you don’t want to allow anyone to access your applications and programs.

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