How to Install TWRP recovery: Android is a customizable device when we need to change Android Look & Feel experience and have bored with old Android version and want to change it with new custom ROM.

As we all Know, TWRP Recovery must have to install the new custom ROM on Android Device. Thousands of people who’re considering to Install TWRP Recovery via Fastboot mode, always confused that How to Install TWRP recovery on Android device. Don’t worry, Here You can find How to “Install TWRP recovery” on Android.

Go ahead and read the following Techniques to Install “TWRP Recovery” on Android.

How to Install TWRP Recovery via Fastboot Mode

Note – Your device must have 50% battery and Bootloader Should be Unlocked, Read full Guide about OEM Unlocking and How to Unlock Bootloader⌋
How to Enable OEM Unlocking

1# First of all, You need to Google USB driver to connect your device to your PC. Download Google USB driver Zip file and keep it to use after Unzip. (How to Unzip Files)
Download Google USB Driver Zip File ⇒ Here

2# Next, Download Latest TWRP Recovery Image file to flash on Android Device.
Download Twrp Recover Img File ⇒ Here

Note ⇒  You can download your device compatible Recovery.img file easily search on the web. If you didn’t find from given the link above, Try to Consider.

3# Next, Download ADB RAR File below and keep it to use after UnRar.
Download ADB RAR File Here ⇒ Here

4# Now, Come back on Your PC and create New Folder on Desktop of any Name, and drop TWRP Img and ADB UnRar files Inside the folder you created.

Install TWRP Recovery

5# Change the name of TWRP Recovery from XYZ into twrp. It will help you to Enter Command in CMD, It’s ahead thing, we’ll talk later.

Install TWRP Recovery

6# Now, Open your Android Device and Go to Settings>Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging and Unlock Bootloader.

7# Then, Connect your Android Device to your PC via USB cable.

⇒Connect USB+Android+PC

8# Go to the device manager on your PC ( Press Win+X then open Device Manager) and Extend Other Device option and Right click on the PCI device and click on update driver.
Note ⇒ Probably your connected device name can be different.

Install TWRP Recovery

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8# Now, Go to the following Location⌋
Browse my Computer for Driver Software>Let me pick from list>Next>Have Disk

Then, click to browse and go to the Google USB driver Folder you Unzipped and select  android_winusb for install adb fastboot driver on PC. Let’s see screenshots.

Browser Google USB Driver Folder⇒

Install TWRP Recovery

Select android_winusb and open it⇒

Install TWRP Recovery

Press OK Button⇒

Install TWRP Recovery

9# Now select Android ADB Interface driver Inside Model and then Click to Next. Your driver will be installed in few seconds.

Install TWRP Recovery

10# Now, Open the folder where you dropped TWRP Recovery and ADB UnRar files.

11# Press Ctrl+F1 on your keyboard to extend Ribbon, Then Type CMD in the address bar and Hit Enter Button, CMD will be opened.

Install TWRP Recovery

⇒Now, Starts CMD process

12# Now, Type the first Command adb reboot bootloader” and Hit the Enter button, now wait for a couple of time and Android phone will be booted in Fastboot Mode.

adb reboot bootloader

13# After that go to the device manager Other Device>Android and update (Install ADB Interface Driver) Android driver via the previous method. (Look Step No.9)

14# Go back to CMD and Type second Command “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”  and then Hit the Enter button and wait until the process has done.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

15# Once TWRP Recovery is successfully installed on your device, then type the third command “fastboot reboot” and hit the Enter button.

fastboot reboot

After that Device will be rebooted. Now, Type the last command (After open the device) “adb reboot recovery” and Hit the Enter button on Keyboard.

adb reboot recovery

Install TWRP Recovery

Now your device has booted on TWRP Recovery mode as you can see on Android Device and able to install custom ROM via TWRP Recovery mode and There are no questions left regarded How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Device.