Custom ROM is the most popular thing for Android users who want to change their old Android version into the new Android version such as from Lollipop to Nougat. Here, The common thing becomes a trouble that How to Install Custom ROM on Android Device.

However, Many techniques are displayed including different type methods for Flashing a Custom ROM on the Android Device. Whatever, The best way to “Install  Custom ROM” on Android is below as follows for those users who are considering to Install Custom ROM.

How to Install Custom ROM: Step-By-Step Guide

Typically Recovery mode is the right place for installing a Custom ROM. So, Your device must have a proper installation of TWRP Recovery. TWRP Recovery is the best Recovery tool for flashing any type custom ROM on Android without annoying. If you don’t aware yet, that How to Install TWRP Recovery, just Read the following steps.

For Reading Jump There ⇒ How to Install TWRP Recovery

Go ahead and Read following steps to Install Custom ROM:

1# Boot Your Android Device in TWRP Recovery mode by using the combination of Volume and Power key but the device must be switched off and bootloader Unlocked.

When the device has switched off then Hold Volume Up and Power key for a couple of a time, It can also work with Volume Down and Power key if not booted with Volume Up and Power. How to Install Custom ROM

2# Once in TWRP Recovery Mode Go to the Install menu and Select a Custom ROM Zip file from the Storage that you want to Install and you downloaded.
Don’t allow verify Zip signature verification  How to Install Custom ROM

3# Once it is finished, click to install and wait until is finished. It will take a couple of time.

4# Now Reboot your Android Device and take Enjoy with new Version.

Note  Before Installing any Custom ROM always don’t forget to take backup in TWRP Recovery mode. It then helps, when you get failure notice of Custom ROM installation.

Probably, You’ll not have any questions left about How to Install Custom ROM on any Android Device.


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