Not most of the time but sometimes we need to hide files and folders if we don’t want to share anyone instead of self. Whenever We don’t want to share some data with someone else or family members, We prefer the hiding decision. Files or folders may contain private data and files that are not shareable. 

If you want to hide folders or files in Windows 10, So, this guide may helpful for you. Just follow a few easy steps to make this happen. 

1: First of all, Open the File Explorer and go to that location where your files or folder is saved. 

2: Next, Right-click on the File or Folder that you want to hide, and open its properties. 

3: On the Properties Window, Under the General tab check the Hidden box. 

How to Hide Files and Folder in Windows 10

4: Now, Apply and OK. (Apply changes to this folder, Subfolders, and files)

5: Your folder is hidden right now. 

To view hidden folders or Files just simply go to the view option and enable hidden folders, Once you did, you can see the hidden items.

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How to Hide Folder and Files using CMD

1: Go to the start menu and do a search for Command Prompt, then open it.

2: Next, Navigate the location of the files or folder that you want to hide. 

3: Enter the following command to navigate the directory location. 

cd c:\users\admin\desktop\files

Replace the path after the C:\ with your file and folder location. 

If your files and folders are in D or F disk partition, just use the following command to navigate the disk partition. 

Command – D:
Hit Enter………

4: Now enter the following command to make folder hidden. 

attrib +h “Your File/Folder Name”

Hit Enter………………………

Hide Files and Folder in Windows 10

5: Now the file or folder is not visible. 

6: To hide all items inside the hidden folder, just simply type the following commands. 

Navigate the hidden Folder: cd ” Hidden Folder Name”

Set the attributes attrib +h /s /d

Hit the Enter…………………..

This will hide all the items inside the hidden folder. 

Note:  To Remove the Hidden attribute just simply use the following commands.  

Remove Hidden Attribute from Folder: attrib -h “Folder Name”

Remove Hidden Attribute from all the files and folder inside the folder: attrib -h /s /d

Hide Files and Folder in Windows 10

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