As you Know, On the Windows 10 Operating system, We cannot know Administrator user Password. While operating the someone computer, You might have thought. Is there any Technique to Find Administrator Password, Hope You tried as well, but still, nothing got. All the Windows usernames and Passwords are encrypted in SAM and System files under the Config Folder in Windows>System32. If you try to Copy both files, So cannot copy.

Whatever, If you want to Know Admin user Password, So this is the right place for you. In this Guide, We will share few easy steps to crack the Windows 10 password. You can use this method on Windows 8 and 7 as well.

To crack the Admin user Password, You will need two Command Line Tools called John the Ripper and PwDump7. You can download Both tools from John the Ripper official website, both are the Command Line tool, Not for Install.

Have to Download community-enhanced version (John the Ripper Jumbo)
Download John the Ripper ⇒ Here
Download PwDump7 ⇒ Here

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Few Steps to Know Administrator Password

1. First of all Download PwDump7 and John the Ripper Zip file from the Given Link above.

2. On your Desktop, Create a New Folder called PwDump and Unzip the Downloaded pwDump7 Zip file Here. (Don’t Forget to Disable Windows Antivirus Program)

3. Open the Command Prompt and RUN as Administrator.

4. On the Command Prompt enter the Following Commands step-by-step.

Command: cd/
Command: cd users/Windows User Name/Desktop/PwDump

Now, You’re in PwDump folder through Command Prompt.

5. Now We will extract LM and NTLM Password Hashes from the SAM and SYSTEM File. On the Command prompt Type Command pwdump7.exe>Password.txt and Hit enter.

Command: pwdump7.exe>Password.txt

Now the Password Hashes is Ready in Password.txt File on the PwDump Folder.

How To Find Administrator Password in windows 10 using CMD

6. Now Exit the Command and Go back on the Desktop screen.

7. Then, Unzip the downloaded John the Ripper Zip file on the Desktop.

8. Once It is finished, Copy the “Password.txt” file from the “PwDump Folder” and Paste into the “RUN Folder” under the John Folder.

How To Find Administrator Password in windows 10 using CMD

9. After that, Type the “CMD” on the Address Bar and Hit Enter. It will Open the Command Prompt inside the “RUN Folder”.

How To Find Administrator Password in windows 10 using CMD

10. On the Opened Command Window enter the Command “john password.txt” and Hit Enter Button on your Keyboard. If the Password is complex, So It may take longer.

How To Find Administrator Password in windows 10 using CMD

Here, As you can see, My Password has been Cracked. I used an easy Password “abc123” for an example. My Password was Easy, So It cracked in few Second but if the Password is complex, So it may take longer.

Similarly, You may use it to crack Windows 8 and 7 Administrator Password. If you want to Bypass Windows 10 Password without Logged in User Account, So Here is the Full Guide.

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