How to Extend C Drive in Windows 10

Due to a lot of programs and data, C drive gets full often if C drive has a little amount of volume. If your C drive has little space and can’t keep more programs and data, So you can Extend C Drive in Windows 10.

To Extend C drive in Windows 10, we don’t need any other third-party software. Windows 10 provides a Disk Management tool that is the management of all the hard drives, Thanks to the Disk Management tool.

If you really want to increase the C drive size, just follow our guide step by step.

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Increase C Drive Space in Windows 10

1: First of all, Go to the Start Menu and do a search for Disk Management then open it.
You can open the Disk Management tool through the Windows+X Shortcut key.

2: On the Disk Management Window, you will get all types of partitions such as C Drive, D Drive, and E drive.  

3: Now select any partition that has free space and then right-clicks on that to shrink.

how to Extend C Drive in Windows 10

“Suppose you want to extend the 10GB size of C drive, then simply shrink the 10GB size from any partition and merge with C Drive.” 

4: Next, Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB, To shrink 10GB of the current size enter the amount 10,240 MB, then click the shrink. 
1GB is equal to 1024MB, you can shrink as you need. 

5: Once you’ve done it, You will get 10GB free space, and now you can merge free space with C drive and extend C drive size. 

Unfortunately, We can’t do this task through the Disk Management tool, we need third-party software. 

Download Partition Assistant – Here

Install on your Windows PC. 

6: Once Installing is finished, Open the Partition Assistant Tool.

7: Next right-click on the free partition and then click to Merge Partition.

How to Extend C Drive in Windows 10

8: Now select the partition that you want to merge with free or Unallocated space. Obviously, You would like to merge with C drive.

Extend C Drive in Windows 10

9: Then OK and click the Apply button to proceed.

Extend C Drive in Windows 10

10: Wait until the process finishes.

increse c drive on Windows 10

Hopefully, You have successfully expanded your C Drive.

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