Windows 10 doesn’t provide you an option to disable Skype. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to disable Skype Windows 10 app.

As soon as you start your PC and sign in to Windows 10, Skype starts bothering you with a number of notifications. Windows 10 signs you automatically into Skype, So that you could available to receive calls and messages.

Skype starts automatically and remains in the background when you Sign in to Windows 10. Although you can close the Skype from the Taskbar, It is not a convenient way every time.

There are two different Skype app, one that you download from Windows Store, and second that you download like a program and install. Skype is preinstalled in Windows 10, but don’t give you the option to disable the notifications.

You can uninstall the Skype app, and install the Skype desktop app as this gives you the functionality to disable the background notifications.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to disable Skype Windows 10 app or Desktop app on startup.

How to Disable Skype Windows 10 app

Although technically there is no option available in the Skype Windows app to disable the skype, Is it possible to disable the Skype Windows 10 app?

The answer is “Yes”. You can either sign out your Skype account or disable the background permission. Once you sign out the account, Skype starts and closes itself.

When you disable the background permission, Skype doesn’t run in the background, therefore no notification disturbs you. To check the messages, you can open Skype and check, and then exit.

Here are few steps, how to disable Skype Windows 10 app.

  1. open the start menu, and then find the Skype app.
  2. Right-click the Skype app, then select More > App settings.
  3. This opens the Skype app settings.
  4. Under the App permissions, Turn off the “Background app” permission using a toggle button.
How To Disable Skype Windows 10

You’ll notice that Skype still remains in the Taskbar, but it is not running in the background. To ensure whether it is running, open the Task Manager, and check the background process.

If you’re still not sure, you can Sign out your account on Skype app. Once there is no account is signed in, the notifications are also not available.

How to Disable Skype Windows 10 Desktop app

If you’re using a Skype desktop app, then it becomes quite easy for you to disable skype on startup in Windows 10. Here’s how to do this.

  1. First of all, Open the Skype desktop app.
  2. In the Skype desktop app, Click the three-dotted icon right next to the profile icon.
  3. Then, open settings and select General settings.
  4. Turn off toggle “Automatically Start Skype” button to disable Skype on startup.
How To Disable Skype Windows 10

Once you’ve done this Skype will not start next time when you Sign in to Windows 10.

You should use the Skype desktop application because this gives you the functionality to disable the automatic start on startup.

If you don’t use the Skype app, then you uninstall the Skype form your Windows 10. You might find this guide useful: How to repair or remove programs in Windows 10.

The uninstallation is quite easy, you can open the start menu and then right-click the app that you want to remove, then simply select uninstall. You can also open the apps & programs in settings, and then select the program and uninstall.