How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

You want to delete backup files as your disk is getting full and need some free space. With the full disk, you cannot continue the backup. You might want to delete backup files to free up some space. In this guide, we will learn how to delete backup files in Windows 10.

If you have disk partitions on your system such as C, D, E, F. Normally, C is the system partition, and also a primary partition where Windows is installed and other partitions are the logical drives of the extended partition.

There can be only two partitions of the hard drive, primary and extended. You can create logical drives of the extended partition, but cannot create an extended partition.

Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

Windows 10 provides you the functionality to take the backup of the System Files, File History. We will walk you through all the steps below so that you could find the backup and delete it.

Delete File History Backup

If you’ve enabled automatic backup, this takes backup your files to another selected drive so that you could restore them if the originals are damaged or deleted. File History Feature continuously backups your data such as Desktop Files, Contacts, Libraries, and Favorites.

If the backup data is filling the disk, then you can manage and delete old file history backup. This will free up your disk, to do this follow few easy steps below.

  1. First of all, open the Windows 10 settings, you can either press Windows+I shortcut key or select Start Menu>Settings.
  2. In the settings, navigate the Update & security>Backup.
  3. Under the “Backup using the file history” select the More options.
How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10
  1. In the Backup options, scroll down and select “see advanced settings” under the related settings.
  2. This opens a new “File History” window, on the left-hand side click the Advanced settings.
How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10
  1. In the Advanced settings’ window, click the “Clean up version”.
  2. This opens a new file history cleanup window. Here, you can delete old backup files.
delete old file history backup

Backup is very important in order to keep the files safe, if you don’t want windows to fill your entire disk space with backup files, you can configure backup time cycle and backup life span.

To do this, open the Backup options and then select the time cycle, after how long do you want Windows to take the backup, and till what time windows should keep the backup files.

Delete System Restore Point/Backup

Windows automatically create system restore points periodically by default, so that you could restore the system to the previous state if something bad happens. When you install a program, make major changes, or install updates, then system restore points are created as well.

System restore point only includes all system files backup, not logical drive data. In order to delete backup files in Windows 10 you need to delete all the restore points, just a couple of steps let you do this.

  1. First of all, right-click the “This PC” icon on your desktop screen, and then select properties.
  2. In the system properties on the left side select the System protection option.
  3. This will open a new system properties window, Switch to the system protection tab, and select configure.
How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10
  1. Now, you can adjust the maximum disk space that Windows can use to create system restore points. In order to delete all the previously created restore points, click the delete button to delete backup files in Windows 10, and then continue.
How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

If you don’t want Windows to create system restore points, you can disable system protection. Windows will not create any system restore point, but if something goes wrong you cannot restore the system.

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