How to Create OEM Partition

If you want to keep your Windows Recovery in OEM partition but you didn’t create OEM partition yet, so you can’t complete this task. OEM Recovery partition allows you to keep all the recovery files of Windows OS for any future system failure. 

If in the future, your system gets failed and doesn’t start so you can recover your system to the previous state using the OEM recovery partition. 

If you never created OEM partition before it or your Windows 10 doesn’t have already, So don’t worry. Here, We are going to tell you how to create OEM partition for Windows recovery. 

Create OEM Partition

Here’re a few easy steps, read carefully and step by step. 

1. First of all, Go to Disk Management and Create OEM partition should have at least 10GB space. 
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2. Once you have had it, Download Windows 10 ISO image on your PC. 
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“If you want to create recovery for your Windows 8 or 7, then you have to download Windows 8 or 7.”

3. Once you have downloaded Windows 10 Image, Right-click and mount it.

4. Now, Go back to My Computer/This PC and you will get Windows 10 DVD Drive.

How to Create OEM Partition

5. Next, Open the Windows 10 Drive and select all the files and folders and copy to the Recovery partition you created.

How to Create OEM Partition

6. Wait for a while until it finishes. 

7. Next, Download EasyBCD software from the given link below.
Download Now

You will have to download the non-commercial version that is free but registration is required.

Install EasyBCD…….. on your Windows.

8. Once Installing is finished, Open the EasyBCD on your Desktop Screen.

9. On EasyBCD opened Window, Go to the Add New Entry.

10. Next, Under the Portable/External Media go to the WinPE tab.

How to Create OEM Partition

11. Now select the path of the boot.wim from the recovery partition. 

12. Click the path and go to recovery Partition/sources and select boot.wim.

How to Create OEM Partition

13. Next, click the Add Entry button. 

14. Go to Edit Boot menu and you will get a new entry named NST WinPE Image
You can rename it if want, double click on it and rename.

make oem paritition

15. You can change count down the time to whatever you like, then click Save Settings. 

Now OEM partition is ready to use.

Restart your PC now and you will get the recovery partition while booting. In the future, If you would like to recover the system, you’ll able to do easily.

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