Google had rolled out their Email service on 1st April 2004 with the dream of success. And Now the Gmail has overtaken all other Free Email services such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail etc. Despite Coming Late in the market, Still, Google obtained a Big number of Gmail users and this number is growing every day. Google offers a lot of features such as Simple and clean UI (User Interface) and secure email service with Two steps Authentication.

On Google IO 2018, Sundar Pichai (CEO Of Google) had announced for Gmail. Now We’re working to implement some AI features (Artificial Intelligence) with Gmail that will change your Gmail Message Typing experience. Whenever you will write Email to send someone else, Gmail Automatically suggests you phrases with the power of Machine Learning (AI).

How To Create New Gmail Account

Well, In this Tutorial We will learn, How to Create New Gmail Account. If you’re newly with Gmail and don’t have any idea regarding New Gmail Account. Don’t worry, Here’s, How to create a Gmail account in a few seconds. 

How To Create New Gmail Account

1. First of all, Go to the Following Google Account creation webpage.

Go Here ⇒ Google Accounts

2. Now, You will get the “Create your Google Account” webpage. Where You will have to Enter a few Details to create a Gmail Account such as Your First Name, Last Name, New Email Address and Password.

First Name ⇒ Akash
Last Name ⇒ Kanaujiya
Email/Username ⇒ [email protected]
Password ⇒ ********

How To Create New Gmail Account

3. On the Next Page, Google will ask to enter a few following Details. If you want to Enter your Phone Number as Password Recovery option, So you can add, Otherwise, don’t require. Recovery Email and Phone number are optional.

Phone Number (Optional) ⇒ ***********
Recovery Email Address (Optional) ⇒ **********
Date Of Birth ⇒ Month/Date/Year
Gender ⇒ Male/Female

How To Create New Gmail Account

4. On the Next Page, Do Agree with all Google Terms & Conditions.

5. Now, You Gmail Account is Ready to use, First time, You will get the Welcome popup.

You can complete your profile including Learn How to Use Gmail, Get Gmail on Mobile, Choose a theme, Change Profile Picture etc. The first time, You will Welcome Email from Gmail Community Manager (Andy).

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Enable New Gmail UI Mode:

The New Gmail UI Mode really comes with the cool user interface, If you want to enable this mode. Just Click on the Setting Gear Icon on the Top right side, and Click for Try the New Gmail. New Gmail Interface gives you some extra features and different types of layouts.


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