How to Create a New Partition in Windows 10

Every Windows computer basically has one disk drive and three to four partitions on it, but most of the computers have only one partition on the disk; usually, it’s a “C drive” partition. If we have more than one partition on the disk, we could divide and store the data into different partitions.

When we use C drive only to keep all the data in a single drive where Windows is installed. So when we reset the computer, all the data gets wiped. If we keep all the data in different partitions so when we do a factory reset Windows, all the data remain safe. That’s why it’s important to keep the data in different partitions.

You might also want to create a new partition for a specific purpose such as for OEM Recovery, installing a second operating system, etc. In this guide, we will walk you through how to create a new partition in Windows 10.

Create a New Partition on Windows

This process is too easy and takes a minutes to complete. All the steps are below as follows, read step by step.

  1. First of all, right-click the Start Menu button or Press the Windows Logo+X shortcut key.
  2. This will open the list of some programs, then select “Disk Management” from the list.
  3. Once you’re in the Disk Management tool, select the partition that has free space available. 
  4. Then, right-click the partition and then select Shrink Volume.

The Shrink option allows you to shrink some space from the disk so that you can take out some free space from the disk.

Create a new Partition in Windows 10
  1. Next, enter the amount of space to shrink in MB, and then click the Shrink button. 
  2. Suppose, you want to shrink 10 GB space then simply add 10240 amount as 10240 is equal to 10GB. 
    1GB = 1024 MB
    2 GB = 2048 MB

Formula: GB = (GB x 1024) MB

how to Create Partition Windows 10
  1. Once you have completed this step, you get 10 GB Free or unallocated space.
  2. Right-click the unallocated free space and then select “New Simple Volume” to make a new partition in Windows 10.
make a new Partition in Windows 10
  1. Click the Next to continue to the next step, select the drive letter and volume label, then Next.
    You can enter the Volume name as you want such as Recovery, Backup, New Volume, Local Disk, etc.
create new partition on windows 10
  1. Now your new partition on Windows 10 is ready to use. You can use this partition for Recovery, backup, and storing the data.

I hope this guide is easy and helpful for you, and you’re able to create a new partition in Windows 10. If you will need to delete the partition in the future when no longer need, open the Disk Management, and then right-click the disk and select the Delete option.

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