There are two easy ways to create a new user account on windows 10 If you don’t know about creating a new user account, Don’t Worry, Here’s the guide.  

We have mentioned two easy methods below, you can read all the steps and create a new user account easily. 

1# Method 

Create a new User through Windows Settings

1: First of all, Press the “Windows+I” shortcut key on your keyboard to open the Windows Settings or Go to the Start menu then click to the settings gear icon to open it. 

2: Under the All Windows Settings options open the Accounts Option and then navigate the Family & Other users section.

How to create a New User Account on Windows 10 3: Now, Simply go to the other user’s section and create a new user account.

How to create a New User Account on Windows 10

4: Click to Add Someone else to this PC, A pop-up will appear, Enter the New user name and click to Next, If you want to add password just simply add the password.

How to create a New User Account on Windows 10

5: Now Sign out with the current user account and Sign In with the newly created user account. 

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2# Method

Add a New User using Control panel

1: First of all, Open the Control panel.

2: Next, Go to the User Accounts>User Accounts>Manage Another Account>Add a new user in PC Settings.

3: It opens the Windows Family & Other users account settings. Now follow the above guide from step 4. 

Hopefully, You successfully created a new user on your Windows 10.

Good Luck.

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