If you have the Password Protected Zip file but you Don’t know the Zip File Password, Of course, Without having known the Password you cannot Open this file. However, On the Google many zip password cracker Graphical tools available with free and Paid versions. Whatsoever, If you don’t want to waste your Time, So Here we bring an Easy Method to Crack Zip File Password using CMD on Your Windows.

Crack Zip File Password using CMD

To execute this Zip File Password Cracking technique, We need a CMD Line tool called John the Ripper. John the Ripper is the free open sources Password Cracking tool available for MacOSx, Windows, Linux. You can Download this Tool From the Given link Below.

“You have to download John the Ripper latest community-enhanced version for Windows” 

Download John the Ripper ⇒ Here

Follow Few Easy Steps to Remove Zip Password

1. First of all, Download John the Ripper Zip File From the given link above.

2. After that, Unzip the Downloaded Zip file on your Desktop. (Use WinRar to Unzip)

Note ⇒ John the Ripper is Command Line Tool, Not Installation Version.

3. Once It is unzipped on your Desktop successfully, Change the Folder name from “XYZ” to “John” and Keep it on your Desktop.

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD

4. Then, Open the “John Folder” and go inside the “run” folder.

5. Inside the RUN Folder create a New Folder called “Crack” (You can Use “Ctrl+Shift+N” key to Make a New Folder).

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD

6. Now Copy your Password Protected Zip file and paste into the Crack folder you created.

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD

7. Now Just Go back to your Desktop screen and Open the “Command Prompt”.

8. On the Command Prompt Type the Command “cd desktop/john/run” and Hit Enter.

Command: cd desktop/john/run

9. Now We will create Zip File Password Hashes to Crack Zip File Password, To do it, Type the Command “zip2john.exe crack/YourFileName.zip>crack/Key.txt” and Hit Enter.

Command: zip2john.exe crack/YouFileName.zip>crack/Key.txt

Here My Folder name is “Windows10Keys.zip” and Password is ABC123″

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD 10. The Password Hashes have been created, You can check key.txt file inside the Crack folder to see the Password Hashes.

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD

11. Through this Hash File, We will Crack Zip File Password using one Simple Command.

12. Now Type the Command “john –format=zip crack/key.txt” and Hit Enter button, The Zip Password is being cracked.

Command: john --format=zip crack/key.txt

Note ⇒ If the Password is complex, So it may take longer to Crack Zip Password, and If the Password is normal, So it can crack in few minutes. My Zip File Password was ABC123″ that has been cracked successfully, As you can see in the screenshot.

How To Crack Zip File Password using CMD


Hopefully, This Method is really helpful for you to Crack Zip Password using CMD. When the Password is too complex. Therefore the John the Ripper takes more time to crack the Password Hashes. John The Ripper is also used to crack RAR File Password, Windows Password, WiFi Password etc.

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