How To Crack Windows 7 Password without any software

There are many paid Softwares that allow you to crack the Windows Password. But In my case they’re useful but When I need to bypass Windows Administrator Email account password. Obviously, Whenever you forget your Windows password, So needs to Recover the Lost password. It may be as well that want to Crack Windows 7 password of someone else. I know, It’s the Veracity but Let it be.

Crack Windows 7 Password

“The First thing is, You should have anyone Bootable Windows DVD of the Windows 10, 8 or 7. Without having any Windows Bootable DVD or USB Drive you cannot reset Windows 7 password. You can Download Windows ISO File from the Microsoft Website (If you have Product key) or various torrent websites such as Kickass, The Pirates bay etc.”

Once You have Downloaded, You can create Bootable USB Drive or DVD Drive, As you want. You may also Read – How to Make a Bootable USB Pendrive using CMD

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Just Crack Windows 7 Password using CMD

Here are a couple of steps to crack Windows 7 password using Command Prompt. In this easy tutorial, We will change the Accessibility Manager into the Command Prompt. So that, We Could Reset Windows 7 password on Login Screen.

1. First of All, Inset your Bootable DVD or Bootable USB Drive to your Computer.

2. Once It is done, Restart your Computer.

3. When the Windows is about to start again then Press the “ESC” Key to open Startup Menu. Now Just Go on the Boot Device Options using the f9 key and Boot your Bootable Windows DVD.

4.  Now Just Press any key on your Keyboard to Boot DVD. When the DVD will start Booting, You will have to Select your Language and Time to start the Installation Window.

5. Once It is finished, You will get a “Repair Your Computer” option on the Installation Screen. Just Click on “Repair Your Computer” option instead of Install Now Button.

6. On the Next Page, Click to Open the Command Prompt.

7. Just Type the Following Commands on Command Prompt, In order.

cd windows\system32
ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

8. Exit the Command Prompt and Remove the Installation Disk at your Computer Reboot your Computer.

7. On the Windows user Login Screen Hit the “Windows+U” Shortcut key and It opens the Command prompt Instead of Accessibility Manager.

8. On the Opened Command Prompt, Type the Command “net user” and Hit Enter. It will show you the list of all usernames.

Command: net user

9. Just Type the Command “net user username *” and Hit the Enter button and Type the New Password as new user password, then Hit Enter.

Command: net user username *

An Example Command, Assume My Name is John……

Command ⇒  net user John *

10. Exit the Command Promot and Type New Password to be Logged in User Account.

Hopefully, You successfully cracked Windows 7 Password using Command Prompt.

“To use Accessibility Manager as Before, Type Following Command on CMD”

cd windows\system32
del utilman.exe
ren utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe

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