Every day in every region PUBG is getting famous with the speed of the rocket, and its users are increasing too. Well, Do you play PUBG on Mobile Device? If yes, you might want to play on PC using Tencent Buddy Emulator. If you’ve installed Tencent Buddy Emulator on your PC, definitely a question is moving in your mind that “How to copy PUBG Mobile to PC”. 

Tencent Buddy is one of the best emulators out there to play the PUBG Mobile on PC without any hassle. If you want to transfer PUBG Game from Mobile to PC, So here’s how to do. 

Transfer or Copy PUBG Mobile to PC

1. First of all, Download the Tencent Buddy Emulator from the given link below and install on your PC. Download Now

2. Once Installing is finished, Start the Emulator and wait for a couple of minutes until Game engine is downloading. 
If the Game engine downloading doesn’t start itself, Simply click the Install PUBG and first it’ll download the Game engine, then PUBG. When PUBG downloading does start, you can cancel it.

Tencent Gaming buddy obb location

3. Next, Go to the D:/Program Files, where Tencent Buddy is installed. Here the Drive may be different such as “C Drive”

4.  Navigate the txgameassistant/ui and find Android Emulator, Right click on it and create a desktop shortcut. (Send To>Desktop)

How to copy PUBG Mobile

5. Go back to the Desktop Screen and hit the click twice on the Shortcut you created to Start the Android Emulator. 

6. Once the Tencent Buddy Android Emulator is started, hit the F9 key on your keyboard to view all the installed application. 

copy PUBG Mobile to PC

7. Next, open the Browser and search for ES File Explorer APK and download it. 

How to copy PUBG Mobile

8. Once downloading is finished, install it. 

9. Now click the exit and go back to the app drawer. 

10. Next, connect your Android phone to your PC.

11. On your PC go to the My Computer/Your Android Device/Internal Storage

12. Now, Go inside the Android/obb folder and copy com.tencent.ig folder and paste to the following location D:/Temp/TxGameDownload/MobileGamePCShared

13. Next, download the PUBGMobile.apk and copy to the D:/Temp/TxGameDownload/MobileGamePCShared folder. 

14. Now, Go back to the Tencent Buddy Emulator and open the ES file explorer.

15. Next, Click the Internal Storage and go to the Root Directory/data/share1, then Install the PUBG Mobile.apk.

How to copy PUBG Mobile

16. Hold the Right Click on the com.tencent.ig folder and click the copy, then paste to the following location Internal Storage/Android/obb. If you didn’t get obb folder simply create it.  

Transfer PUBG Mobile Game on Tencent Buddy Emulator

obb file location on Tencent Gaming Buddy

17. Once it is finished, you can run your PUBG Mobile on your Tencent Buddy Emulator without any trouble. 


Hopefully, You did successfully Copy PUBG Mobile to PC, this is one of the best methods to transfer PUBG Mobile to PC. Tencent Gaming buddy provides a smooth and lags free experience to the users so that you could play better than others. 


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