You sit down on the table and try to log into a Windows machine. Though you forgot your password and you’re unable to Sign in, don’t worry, it is quite easy to reset. As we all know we cannot do anything without sign into Windows 10. In order to reset the password, first we need to login to Windows 10, but it’s not possible without having a password, but we can bypass Windows 10 password easily.

To bypass Windows 10 password, you don’t need any software but you must have Windows Bootable DVD or Bootable USB Drive. If you don’t have any Windows Bootable Drive, Don’t worry.

We use a Windows bootable drive to enter in Recovery Mode, but there are a couple of ways you can use to boot Windows 10 in recovery mode.

We’re not going to install new Windows and not reset as well, Only use Bootable Drive to access the command prompt to bypass Windows 10 password. So, Go ahead and complete the task.

Bypass Windows 10 password using a simple hack

How to Bypass Windows 10 password

This method is quite easy and helpful. You will need to run a few commands respectively in CMD, Go ahead and follow all the steps carefully.

  1. First of all, turn on your PC and don’t enter any wrong password.
  2. Now, Insert the Bootable Drive (DVD or Pendrive) to your PC.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. When the PC starts and first screen displays, immediately press the ESC key to open the startup menu. (The key mapping may be different on your PC)
  5. It opens the startup menu, press F9 Key to open Boot Device Options.
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Select the Windows bootable drive and then boot your PC with.
  2. Once the system is booted with Windows media drive, then start the Windows setup and then click the Next.
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. You’ll get Repair your Computer option, simply click that.
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Then open the Troubleshoot Menu (Reset your PC and see the advanced option).
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Open the Command Prompt under the Advanced Options. The Command Prompt is used for advanced troubleshooting.
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. In the command prompt, type the following commands. (C is the main drive where Windows is installed, dir is used to view all the directories inside)
Command: c:
Command: dir

Note: We use this command to check where Windows is installed. You can change Drive Latter if you didn’t find anything in Drive C, for example, to navigate Local Disk D enter the Command “d:”, Similarly you can navigate other drives.

How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Navigate to Windows>System32, type command “cd Windows/system32”, then hit enter.
Command: cd Windows/system32
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Next, run the command “dir osk.exe” to check if osk.exe exists.
Command: dir osk.exe
  1. We will back up this file, to do this enter the following commands.
Command: ren osk.exe osk.exe_bak
  1. To check the backup file run the following command.
Command: dir osk*
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Now, we will copy the cmd.exe into the osk.exe, type the command “copy cmd.exe osk.exe” and hit the enter button.
Command: copy cmd.exe osk.exe
  1. To check the new osk.exe file, run the command.
Command: dir osk*
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Enter the command “Exit” to exit the Command Prompt.
Command: Exit
  1. Restart your PC now.
  2. Once you’re on the Login screen, select the Ease of Access and click the On-Screen keyboard, it will open Command Prompt instead.
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Through Command Prompt we can easily reset the user account password.
  2. Enter the command “net user username *” and then hit the enter button, Replace the username with the admin username.
Command: net user username *
  1. Now, Enter the new password and confirm the password. The Password is not visible, So type password carefully and keep in your mind.
  2. If you want to know, How many users account are, run the following command to view all users list.
Command: net user
How to Bypass Windows 10 password
  1. Enter the “Exit” command to exit the CMD.
  2. Now, You can log in with new password.

Note: If you want to use On-Screen Keyboard as Before, then use following commands.

  1. First Command = c:
  2. Second Command = cd windows\System32
  3. Third Command = del osk.exe
  4. Fourth Command = ren osk.exe_back osk.exe
  5. Fifth Command = Exit 

You can use your On-Screen keyboard as before

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Hopefully, you could bypass Windows 10 password. Using this method you can easily reset Windows 8 and 7 passwords as well. This is quite an easy method you can use to reset the Admin password, Local user password, but you cannot reset the Microsoft user account password.

In order to reset the Microsoft user account password, you can simply open the Microsoft account login on your mobile device, then reset the password.