Recovery is a common way to install any Custom ROMs and apply the update on any Android Devices, Sometimes when we don’t want to Install TWRP Recovery and don’t use any other recovery for installing a Custom Rom. Whatever, ADB is the best method to applying the update of custom ROM but many confusion have to face that How to “Apply update from ADB”. If you are a bit of this confusion and wanting to “Apply update from ADB”. We have a complete guide to applying the new update on Android via ADB Sideload, can read below as follows.  

How to Apply update from ADB Sideload on Android Device

Apply update from ADB on Your Android Device

Note – Certain times this method does not probably work on all Android Devices. If your device is able to apply this method, that’s good otherwise not. You can use Install TWRP Recovery for applying any type update even if OTA update or else.

Go ThereHow To install TWRP Recovery Without Root

1# First thing you need to do is download Android SDK Platform tool from the below link, After that UnZip the downloaded zip folder and keep it to further use. 

Download Android SDK Platform Tool (Zip Format) – Here

2# Once get it done, Drop your OTA Update.Zip file in the Android SDK platform folder you Unzipped and replace the name of as ( Don’t Unzip the folder).

3# Open your Android Phone and Go to Setting>Develper Option>Enable Debugging mode and allow Bootloader(OEM Unlock). Know About – What is OEM unlock  

4# Connect your device to your pc via USB cable.

5# Next, Go back to the SDK Platform Folder and press Shift+Right Click to open Command Prompt. If you’re Windows 10 User then press Ctrl+F1 on your keyboard and type CMD in the address bar. Then Hit Enter Button. 

6# Type the First command adb devices inside CMD and Hit the Enter button. It will check device is properly attached, if not. 

adb devices

7# Type the second command “adb reboot recovery” and Hit the Enter button, it will automatically reboot your device in recovery mode, as on default recovery. 

adb reboot recovery 

8# Once in Recovery mode select the “Apply Update From ADB” on your Android Device by using Up and Down Volume key, then after selected, hit power button as entering button.   

9# Type the third command “adb sideload” and Hit the Enter button and it will take the certain time to installing an update.

adb sideload

10# Once get it installed, switch back in Recovery mode and reboot device.    

“New update has been installed on your Android Device (“Apply Update From ADB”) and ready to keep working as before.”


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