Most of the new people, Who recently started using Windows PC, might not be aware well of the Windows settings. If you spend your lot of time in front of PC every day, you must choose the right brightness level that will be good for your eyes. The high Brightness level can affect your eyes.  

Windows 10 provides brightness level adjustment functionality by default, don’t need any other third-party software. Thanks to Windows 10 to provide this useful setting. There are couples of way to Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows. 

Adjust Brightness using Hotkeys

Most of Laptop manufacturer companies provide hotkeys to adjust the computer brightness level. These hotkeys are available on the top of the keyboard in the function series. 

You can check your keyboard functions key series and find out the Brightness level adjustment keys. Most probably it is lying between F2 and F5. 

One is Brightness Up key and second Brightness down.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Use Action Center to Adjust Brightness

Windows 10 Action Center is also a useful utility to Adjust the Screen Brightness. 

1: At the Right Side corner of the Taskbar click on the Action Center icon. 

2: On the Action center find the icon like the sun that is Brightness level adjustment option.

Just click on the Brightness Level Adjustment icon to up/down the screen brightness. It increases and decreases the screen brightness in the ratio of 25%. 

How to Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Clicking on the Brightness level icon you can increase and decrease the screen brightness level in Windows 10. 

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Using System Settings 

You can adjust the brightness level using windows settings.

1: Click on the Start menu at the Left side of Taskbar, and open Windows settings. 

2: On the Windows Settings, Go to the system>Display.

3: Now you will get a brightness Adjustment option, using this option you can adjust the screen brightness level.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Using these Methods you can Adjust Screen Brightness level in Windows 10 easily, Hopefully, It’s helpful.