There are many cases when we have to Reset own Android Device. This is not complicated for Android User but users are disturbed sometimes with a cause of Android Factory Reset. The Android software runs on a little part of the hardware, that produces so much performance and a lot of features. Sometimes a lot of cache files, Unnecessary files are stored in the Internal storage and generate many problems, and the big problem is Hanging. However, If you are Android User then you should Factory Reset your Android device within every 2-3 months, It just does not only make device faster but also better. Whatever If you will put a question, How to Factory Reset Android Phone. Before it, We have already posted few steps on below to reset your device. 

How to Factory ResetHow to Factory Reset Android Phone

The Android Phone Factory Resetting process is quite similar in each Android device. Maybe you’ll  be using different devices so however, processes are similar, possible is something different.   

Note – “Before get Started take backup, and after trying to consider have to do”  

Method 1#

• First of all, Go to the setting menu of your Android Device. ( Swipe down notification bar and tap to open setting menu)

How to Factory Reset• Swipe up to scroll down settings and tap on the Backup & Reset option. ( Backup & Reset option is too different on many phones, as you can assume)

How to Factory Reset• This opens Backup & Reset option, ( Choose Your Backup account to take backup)

How to Factory Reset• After that, just tap on Factory data reset option and Reset Phone.

How to Factory Reset• Now Android Device will be reset in few seconds.  

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Method 2#

• First, Switch off your Android Device with the power button. 

• After that, Hold down power and Volume up button and wait for recovery mode until it opened up. If you just nothing happened to your device now change, Hold down power and Volume down button and try similar do.  

• After little long work, You will see Recovery Mode, as of now open it up. 

• Once do that, You will get recovery options, Now use Volume up/down to move highlight and after highlighted wipe data/factory reset, Hit the power button to erase everything. ( Here Volume buttons works as up/down and power button as entering)

• Then wait for few seconds and device will be rebooted and wiped all data. 

Video Tutorial to better Understand


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