How do I Find My SSD on Windows 10?

SSD stands for the solid-state drive and HDD hard disk drive. SSD is much faster than HDD, if you’re not sure whether your PC has SSD or HDD, then you can easily check. If you’re looking for how do I find my SSD on Windows 10? In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps to find the SSD on Windows 10.

Your PC might have SSD along with the HDD, normally OS is installed in SSD so that Windows and apps could load fast. However, your PC can have only SSD or HDD, you can easily ensure it.

How to find SSD or HDD on Windows 10

First, you should check the box the PC came in. You may have a specification label on the box where you can get all the PC specifications including Processor, Ram, Disk, Graphics card, etc.

If you don’t have the PC box because you threw out, don’t worry.

There are two easy methods below as follows, you can go through all methods and find your SSD on Windows 10.

1. Check Disk type using Drive Optimizer

  1. First of all, Press the “Windows+R” shortcut key.
  2. This opens the RUN dialog box.
  3. Type “dfrgui” in the Run box and then hit the enter button.
how do I find my SSD on Windows 10
  1. This will open the Drive Optimizer.
  2. Under the Media Type column, you can find the disk type whether it is SSD or HDD.
how do I find my SSD on Windows 10

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2. Use PowerShell to find the SSD on Windows 10

You can run a simple command in PowerShell and get the all information about the mounted disk such as Media type, serial number, size, etc.

First of all, Open the start menu and then search PowerShell. Once you get the PowerShell in the search result, click to open it.

You can also press the Windows+X shortcut key, and then select the PowerShell form the list.

Here is the command you have to run in the PowerShell window.

Command: Get-PhysicalDisk
how do I find my SSD on Windows 10

As soon as you hit the enter button, the information about all the mounted disks will be available. You can find the Disk type SSD or HDD under the Media type column.

I hope, these two methods are helpful for you to find the SSD on Windows 10. You can also visit the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) website and find your PC specification, This would be helpful too.

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