By many people Often are mentioned about Windows 10 after installing a new OS. But a lot of people, Who is facing more problem with windows 10 never want to mention about Windows 10 that How much it annoying. As of now, more people facing several problems with Windows 10, In those problems one is common that is Windows 10 won’t shut down”. If you are a bit of this problem, Don’t worry. We have a few methods to fix such errors and hope is coincident for you.  

Windows 10 won't shut down
windows 10 computer won’t shut down

Fix, “Windows 10 won’t shut down” problem

Method 1# Update Intel (R) Management Engine Interface Driver

1# First of all, Open Device Manager. (Press Win+X then Open Device Manager) 

2# After that, Find System Device at the bottom and extend all menu, As of now, you will get few more options and now select Intel (R) Management Engine Interface and open its properties. Windows 10 won't shut down

3# After opening properties go to the Driver properties and check your driver details and version. If you find the driver is too old then click to update driver and try to search automatically for updated driver software.Windows 10 won't shut down

Windows 10 won't shut down

Note In case, If you get no such driver as Intel (R) Management Engine Interface on your system, then you should need this driver to fix Windows 10 won’t shut down” problem. In addition, you can replace old driver as new driver If you need. 

Download Official Intel (R) Management Engine InterfaceHere 

“Now check your PC and ensure that is working fine and try to ShutDown. If you get the same error is right now, try to different methods.”

Method 2# Run Command on CMD

1# First, Open the Command Prompt (Admin) on your System. (Press Win+X then CMD)

2# Now type the Command called “powercfg h off” and Hit Enter………….

Windows 10 won't shut down

“Now wait until process will be completed, once it did then try to ShutDown.”   

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Method 3# Disable Fast Startup

This is an additional method that can help you to fix the problem of “Windows 10 won’t shut down”. After disabling fast startup maybe the problem can fix you can try.   

1# First, Open the Control Panel by using Win+X shortcuts keys.  

2# Now Go to the Power Option>Choose the what power button do>Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Power Option>Choose the what power button do # 

Windows 10 won't shut down

Change settings that are currently unavailable #

Windows 10 won't shut down

3# After that, Uncheck the Turn on fast startup (Recommended)” box and click to save changes.  

Windows 10 won't shut down

“After following these methods maybe your problem has been resolved soon, In case you failed to fix such errors then you can try to better understand and again repeat the same process.” That was a complete method to fox problem of Windows 10 won’t shut down”.



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