GSM and CDMA are also known as communication standards. Nowadays many people, Who are planning buy a mobile phone but always stuck to take a decision that We should buy GSM or CDMA. Our majority some such is that we always understand GSM, not CDMA but some such countries are, Where CDMA is most popular than GSM, In which United State is most popular. By the way, both of CDMA and GSM is popular across worldwide, but today we will know all about GSM full FormCDMA full Form, and will do a comparison.CDMA & GSM full form

CDMA & GSM full form

GSM full form ⇒ “Global System for Mobile Communications” & Originally is “Groupe special mobile”.

CDMA full form ⇒ “Code Division Multiple access”.   

Comparison between GSM and CDMA:

  • Phone Number
  • Storage
  • Network
  • International Roaming
  • Bandwidth
  • Voice Code
  • Availability
  • Market Value
  • Of SIM card
  • SIM card
  • 3G, 4G, LTE, VoLte
  • Yes
  • 200 KHz
  • 13 Kbit/sec
  • 100 %
  • 80 %
  • Of a Mobile handset
  • Phone Memory
  • 3G, 4G, LTE
  • No
  • 1.25 MHz
  • 8-13 Kbit/sec
  • 20 %
  • 20%

I hope you have known all about GSM full and CDMA full form, and no other problem is present in your mind. So if you want to know all about GSM and CDMA, So, You try to read, GSM Wikipedia and CDMA Wikipedia. Wikipedia helps you know all about GSM and CDMA generations.

More Knowledgeable full forms, You Should Know

Computer full form ⇒ “Common Operating Machine Particularly used for Technological Engineering Research” 

GSM Full Form ⇒ “Code Division Multiple access”

CDMA Full Form ⇒ “Groupe special mobile”

SIM full form ⇒ “Subscriber Identification Module”

WiFi full form ⇒ “Known as Wireless Local Area Network”

WLAN full form ⇒ “Wide Local Area Network”

LAN full form ⇒ “Local Area Network”

WCDMA full form ⇒ “Wideband Code Division Multiple Access”

CPU full form ⇒ “Central Processing Unit”

UPS full form ⇒ “Uninterruptible Power Supply”

USB full form ⇒ “Universal Serial BUS”

WPS ⇒ “WiFi Protect Security”

Google Full Form ⇒ “Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth”

Bing Full form ⇒ “Because it’s not Google” (Not Confirmed by Microsoft)