How to Enable Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) on Windows 11 Home

Like the earlier version of Windows, Windows 11 Home does not also include the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). If you try to open the Group Policy Editor, you get a clear message “gpedit.msc not found.” In this guide, we will show you how to enable Group Policy Editor (Gpedit.msc) in Windows 11.

What is Group Policy (gpedit.msc)?

Group Policy is responsible to control the working environment of the user and computer accounts and provides centralized management and configuration of the Windows operating system, application, and user’s settings in an Active Directory environment.

A set or unique collection of the Group policy configurations is defined as Group Policy Object; it is called Local Group Policy that allows management of the Group Policy Object without the need of an Active Directory server on a standalone computer.

Local Group Policy Editor is a Microsoft Management Console that is used to configure and modify the Group Policy settings within Group Policy Objects.

Enable Gpedit.msc on Windows 11 Home

The process of enabling the gpedit.msc is straightforward like enabling gpedit.msc on Windows 10 Home. To enable the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) on Windows 11 Home, you will need to run a script. But, Script is long enough to be copied and pasted; therefore, we created a “.bat” file contains all the script lines.

You can download the GpeditEnabler.bat file from here. Once you have downloaded it, you’ll get a zip file, extract it on the desktop. Now run the GpeditEnable.bat file, click the Yes when you see the User Account Control window popup.

gpedit.msc Windows 11

Command Prompt window will open and starts running the following script. This process may take some time, after completion of the script, you can see the operation completed successfully message at the end. Restart your computer after the successful execution of this script.

If you want, you can create a “.bat” script file by yourself on your computer using notepad. The following steps will show you how you can create a GpeditEnabler.bat script.

  1. Click the Start Menu button.
  2. Search Notepad in the Search Box.
  3. Open the Notepad.
  4. Copy the following script on the Notepad.
@echo off

>nul 2>&1 "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\cacls.exe" "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\config\system"
REM --> If error flag set, we do not have admin.
if '%errorlevel%' NEQ '0' (
echo Requesting administrative privileges...
goto UACPrompt
) else ( goto gotAdmin )
echo Set UAC = CreateObject^("Shell.Application"^) > "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"
echo UAC.ShellExecute "%~s0", "", "", "runas", 1 >> "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"
exit /B
if exist "%temp%\getadmin.vbs" ( del "%temp%\getadmin.vbs" )
pushd "%CD%"
CD /D "%~dp0"

pushd "%~dp0"

dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~3*.mum >List.txt
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~3*.mum >>List.txt

for /f %%i in ('findstr /i . List.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i"
  1. Press the Ctrl + S to save the file.
  2. Navigate to the Desktop location.
  3. Enter the name followed by “.bat” extension. For example GpeditEnabler.bat.
  4. Seelct “All Files” from the Save As Type dropdown menu.
  5. Click the OK to save the file.

Once you complete the steps, you have created the GpeditEnabler.bat script to enable the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11. Next, double-click the newly created script to execute through the command prompt. Restart your computer after the successful execution of this script.

How to open Group Policy Editor

Once you have gone through all the above steps to enable the Group Policy on Windows 11, now it is time to run the Group Policy Editor. Follow the steps to open Group Policy Editor.

  1. Press the Windows + R to open the Run Box.
  2. Type the gpedit.msc in the Run Box.
  3. Hit the Enter button.
  4. This will open Local Group Policy Editor.
Group Policy Editor Windows 11

Now, you’re in Group Policy Editor. You can manage the Group Policy object to configure and modify the settings.


Group Policy Editor is designed for advanced users. In day-to-day life, you’ll rarely use this tool to manage some advanced settings. In addition, some of the settings are limited to Windows 11 Pro version; for more, you may need to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro.

This is all about how to enable gpedit.msc on Windows 11. I hope this guide is helpful for you. If you have any feedback, feel free to mention it below in the comment section.

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