35+Best Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts, You Should Know

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is the King of the Browsers on this Planet. It is one of most used Browser by the People. Google gives us all features including Gmail, Drive, Docs, YouTube etc, and It has a Big directory of the Extensions and free themes. If you’re Google Chrome user, So obviously have to need Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

Today, We have something for you, 35+ Best Google Keyboard Shortcuts to quick access the Google Chrome Functions. Go ahead and Collect useful keys shortcuts forever.

Best Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Chrome keyboard shortcuts

1. Ctrl+N ⇒ Open a New Google Chrome Window

2. Ctrl+T ⇒ Open a New Tab on Chrome

3. Ctrl+W ⇒ Close the Current Opened Tab

4. Ctrl+Shift+T ⇒ Go back to the Previous Closed Tab

5. Ctrl+Tab ⇒ Switch Between the Opened Tab

6. Ctrl+1 to 8 ⇒ Jump on the Opened Tab Number (For Example: To Jump on the 4th Number Tab Press “Ctrl+4” shortcut key)

7. Ctrl+1 ⇒ To Jump on the 1st Opened Tab

8. Ctrl+9 ⇒ To Jump on the Last Opened Tab

9. Alt+F4 ⇒ Close the Chrome Browser, You can also use this Shortcut to Close any opened program on Windows, Even this is ShutDown shortcut key.

10. Function(Fn)+F11 ⇒ To Open Full Screen Mode

11. Alt+Home ⇒ To Switch on the Home Page Directly

12. Alt+Left Arrow Key ⇒ To Go back

13. Alt+Right Arrow Key ⇒ To Go Forward

14. Ctrl+F ⇒ Find something on the Opened Webpage

15. Ctrl+H ⇒ Open the Browser History  

16. Ctrl+J ⇒ Open the Downloads

17. Ctrl+R “or” F5 ⇒ Refresh or Reload the Web page

18. ESC ⇒ Stop Loading the Opened webpage

19. Ctrl+F ⇒ To Search on the Address Bar

20. Ctrl+P ⇒ Print the webpage

21. Ctrl+S ⇒ Save the Web page as the HTML Page

22. Win+Shift+S ⇒ Take the Screenshot

23. Ctrl+O ⇒ Open an HTML file or Image from your PC

24. Ctrl+D ⇒ Add Current opened page as the Browser Bookmark

25. Ctrl+Enter ⇒ Add automatically “.com” after entering the Website name in the Address bar. Example – Type Google in the Address Bar and Press “Ctrl+Enter”, So you will see www.google.com.

26. Ctrl + ⇒ Zoon IN

27. Ctrl – ⇒ Zoom Out

28. Ctrl+0 ⇒ Default Zoom Setting or Reset Zoom

29. Ctrl+L ⇒ Access the Web page URL on the Address Bar

30. Home Key ⇒ Go to the Top of the Current Webpage

31. End  ⇒ Go to the End of the Current Webpage

33. Page Down ⇒ Scroll Down on the WebPage

34. Shift+ESC ⇒ Open Google Chrome Task Manager

35. Ctrl+U ⇒ View WebPage Source Code

36. Space Key ⇒ Scroll Down on the WebPage

37. Ctrl+Shift+Del ⇒ Clear All Browsing Data

Hopefully, These Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts are useful for you.

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