Xiaomi is populating in India day by day. When Xiaomi flash sale becomes back, then in sometimes Xiaomi says ” I have no stock”. This was not actually a big problem with Xiaomi, you can buy Xiaomi phone without any flash sale. How I can do this. Xiaomi allows the user to buy Xiaomi phones without any sale if you have a mi f code”, but the same problem how I can get it. Then you will surely face the situation of mi f code. But don’t worry I have an idea to get mi f code, but what is this, let’s ahead and look.

What is the Mi f code?

mi f codeMI F-code is also known Mi friend code, that allows you to add a hot selling product to your shopping cart, wherefrom you can buy xiaomi phones without any sale. Mi F codes are granted to MIUI forum moderators, Mi Community administrators, Mi Fan Club presidents, and more. 

How we can generate Mi F code:

Now follow some few steps and get Mi f-code………..

1. First thing Go to mi.com/in and click on Mi community tab. 

2. Simply create your account and sign up. 

3. Then follow Mi on social media and pay attention to social media post. 

4. Give your feedback and reply to Mi community. 

5. We can say, You will be got f code in few days. 

After following some steps, You can easy to buy Xiaomi phones. For apply f code, You will go to Mi official Indian website and choose your product, which you want to buy and look right in the header then you will see, F code menu then applies your f code and place the order. If you need to more f codes you can simply follow these steps, Which I have told you. Certainly, you will decipher all thing about F-code.

Watch video tutorial


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