Fix: Windows 10 Update Stuck While Downloading the Update

It happened many times with users that Windows 10 update stuck. Windows 10 updates itself from time to time for better security and reliability. It is reported by many users that Windows 10 update stuck while Downloading the Update.

One day I was downloading my windows update but It stuck at 0% and not rising up. I tried many ideas but everything was useless. Meanwhile, I got an amazing solution to fix this problem that I am gonna to share with you. So that, You could fix your problem soon.

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Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0%

Before proceed, You should check your internet connection that It is working fine otherwise not. It occurs sometimes that due to an unstable Internet connection Windows 10 update stuck while downloading and doesn’t rise up from 0%.

Here are some couple of steps to solve windows 10 update stuck downloading problem.

1. First of all, Press the Windows+X shortcut key on the Keyboard.

2. It shows few quick access shortcuts at the left bottom side, Just Select Command Prompt  Admin and open it.

3. Now type the two following commands in order to stop windows update services.

Command: net stop wuauserv
Command: net stop bits

Windows 10 Update Stuck While Downloading

This will stop the Windows updating services.

4. After that go to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all the files and folder inside, Press ctrl+A then Shift+Delete.

If you are unable to delete some file then restart your windows and try again.

Windows 10 Update Stuck While Downloading

5. Once you completed, Open the Command Prompt Admin and type the following commands in order to start the Windows updating services.

Command: net start wuauserv
Command: net start bits

Windows 10 Update Stuck While Downloading

6. Close the Command prompt and go to Windows update and start downloading.

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Hope, This small guide is helpful for you and Now you will able to download Windows 10 update. You should update your Windows Whenever the update is available to download. It is recommended by Microsoft to remains better security for you.

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