Fix: The Installation failed in the Second_Boot phase during Migrate data

As soon as Windows 10 launched people started upgrading their PC into Windows 10 from the old windows 7 and 8. After a week Windows 10 crossed over 25 Million downloads, It’s a big number to count. If you’re using Windows 8 and 7, then Microsoft is offering a free upgrade in Windows 10. Big numbers of users have successfully upgraded their PC in the latest Windows 10. Some people are encountering the error message “The installation failed in the second_boot phase with an error during migrate_data operation”

Fix The Installation failed in the Second_Boot phase during Migrate data

If you’re having such an issue, you can read our helpful guide and solve your problem as soon as possible. 

I was trying to upgrade my HP 15 notebook through Media Creation tool but getting the same error “We Couldn’t Install Windows 10”

I did a research and solved my problem, Today am going to share with you as well, so you could fix your problem

The Installation failed in the second_boot Phase with an error during migrate_data Operation

There are a couple of things that may be responsible for this error, let’s first discuss and then kick out.

# First Solution 

After too many attempts, I checked what the exact issue is happening, and found I don’t have sufficient storage in my drive to store all the data that is required to install Windows 10. 

Of course, To get rid of this problem, just clean C drive and backup all the files to the safe location or other partition.

You can copy all data in your external Hard drive.

Once you have completed this task, can go for further operation. Right now, Install Windows 10 without any hassle. 

# Second Solution

When will you upgrading to Windows 10 using Media creation tool, don’t forget to select “Keep only apps to complete the upgrade”. You should take back up of all your downloads and Documents files to a safe location.

You if have other important data such as pictures, memories, etc. Don’t forget to keep it to a safe location. 

Once it’s finished, you can again try to install Windows 10 using a media creation tool. 

# Third Solution

If you’re stilling getting the same error, and not able to upgrade in Windows 10. Hence, you can download Windows 10 copy in your USB drive have at least 8 GB space and create a bootable drive to install windows 10 manually.

You can read our Windows 10 download and installing article and get the suggestion to upgrade to Windows 10 free. 

Hopefully, This error message “The installation failed in the second_boot phase during migrate_data operation” is not available for you right now

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