5 Easy Methods to Fix Steam Won’t Open on Windows 10

While opening the steam, It is reported by the steam users, The Steam Won’t Open and they are not able to run the program. The user also says, When we open the steam it starts for a while and close automatically after being started.

There are various reasons may be responsible for this error. Right Now, You can’t play the game and will try to find the solution to kick out this issue as soon as possible.

However, You Don’t worry, Here are a couple of easy solutions, listed below.

Steam Won’t Open [Solve Now]

1. Close all Steam Background Process

When some Steam process is running in the background and doesn’t shutdown properly. So When you again launch the Steam application on the system, So the system thinks, It is already running and then close the recently opened Steam process. To Close, the background running process, Follows few easy steps.

1. Just Right click on the Taskbar and open the Task manager.

2. On the “Task Manager” and under the “Process Tab”, Locate the Steam Tasks and End the All running tasks. Just Right Click on the Task and select End Task.

5 Easy Methods to Fix Steam Won't Open

3. Now try to open Steam on your system, If it opens as before.

2. Reboot your System

It is the best technique to solve such errors. When some applications get stuck and don’t open, then you can restart your PC. When you restart the PC, So the system restart all system process and close the unnecessary background process.

Simply, You have to restart your PC, and After that Try to start the Steam application. If the problem persists and Steam won’t open. So, There may be the different cause.

3. Reinstall Steam Client

Whenever Some program files get corrupt, So It is necessary to have such problems. You can reinstall Steam application on your system and It may help to fix the problem.

1. Download Steam Installer from the Official Website, Download Here.

2. Just run the Downloaded Steam Installer on your PC and install the Steam application on your Windows system, As you did before.

Follow all instructions of the Installation Wizard.

3. Once it is finished, Try to open steam if it opens.

4. Update Windows and Its Drivers

If you update your Windows, So Windows updates all necessary packages which are required to run the programs and games. Therefore, We should update windows regularly as it is important to keep Drivers updated.

1. Open the Windows 10 settings and go to “Update & Security”.

2. On the Windows update tab, “Check For Update”.

3. If the update will be available to be installed, So you can Download and Install.

4. Once It is finished, Restart your PC.

5. Now, Run Steam and Enjoy.

5. Reset your System

If you have recently made changes on your PC such as Install a new Program, Enable New Features or something else. It may be that you’ve made changes, could be responsible somewhat for this error.

However, If anything is not working well, and you have tired badly to this error. Therefore, Now you should reset your PC. Resetting the PC will wipe all data including System apps, program, Documents and everything that is stored in Local Disk C only excluded Windows.

If you’ve taken the decision to Reset the PC, So you may try the following…..

“Open the Windows 10 settings and go to the Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC > Get Started and start resetting the PC.”

5 Easy Methods to Fix Steam Won't Open


Hopefully, These 5 Easy methods to solve the “Steam Won’t Open” error is useful. And Now, You will able to open the Steam to play the games on your PC. If Still, you have any other query you may comment below.

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