4 Easy Methods to Fix Steam not Opening and not Launching

Sometimes, Steam doesn’t open on the windows system. It happens due to a number of causes. Because of that, People report that their Steam not opening. If the same problem persists with you. So, Here We have listed a number of easy solutions to kick out such a problem.

Here, We have listed a couple of Methods for you to follow in order:

1. Run Steam as Administrator

It’s just possible somewhat that some application needs Administrative privileges to run on the Windows system. You can try to RUN your Steam Client application as Administrator If it can solve your problem. Just simply, Right Click on the Steam application and Run as Administrator.

This will allow to Admin privileges to Steam Client such as read and write permissions. If the problem was occurred by this reason. So, Steam will be open. If Instead it, There is any other reason for this problem, You may have to follows other methods.

2. End All Steam Related Tasks

In this Methods, We will end all the Steam running process through Task Manager and launch it again. Some complex process doesn’t shut down properly when we close them. And Whenever, We try to start again, So It doesn’t open due to the already running process. Hence, We should end all the running process.

1. First of all, Open the Task Manager ( Right Click on the Task Bar and then select Task Manager and open it).

You can open Task Manager using Ctrl+Alt-Del shortcut key on your Keyboard.

2. On the Task Manager, Find the all Steam related processes under the Processes Tab and End all running process that starts from the “Steam Client BootStrapper”.

Steam not Opening
End All Steam Related Tasks If Steam not opening

3. Now Launch Steam application again, Hope It will be launch.

3. Change ClientRegistry.blob

It is another method If the above methods don’t work.

1. First of all, Completely Close the Steam and End all the running Steam’s process through Task Manager.

2. Next, Go to Steam Installation Directory under the Local Disk C, Default Location is C:\Program Files\Steam.

3. Find the File called “ClientRegistry.blob”.

4. Now Rename the File name as “ClientRegistryold.blob”.

5. After that, Relaunch the Steam again on the Windows system. Hope It will be open as we expected.

If Still, Steam not opening, Therefore follow two more steps.

6. Go back to the Steam Installation Directory, and find Steamerrorreporter.exe” and Run as Administrator.

7. Once, You did it, then Relaunch the Steam application again.

Hopefully, Somewhere It will help you to fix “Steam not launching” error. 

4. Reinstall Steam

If all given Methods don’t work, So, It’s time to delete all Steam Data and Reinstall the Steam. You can follow the below steps to make it possible.

1. First of all, Delete all Steam Data, Go to the C:\Program Files\Steam and Delete Steam Folder.

2. Restart your PC, and again Install Steam on your Windows PC.

3. Once, It is finished, Run Steam as Administrator.

Hopefully, You problem is solved, and now you can use Steam as before.

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