Fix, No Internet Secured problem with Windows 10, 8 and 7


If you are a Windows user probably You would be familiar with No Internet Secured problem and have to face. It is a common issue and happens due to malfunction in the internet connection and the WiFi connection.

People assume and say, When we connect the Secured WiFi connection then we get No internet Secured and the vice-versa, When we connect the No Secured WiFi connection then we get Internet Secured.

However, It can be your WiFi connection problem otherwise DNS problem, Driver problem. Typically It can be solved with easier steps but you’ll need to follow. You can collect two methods below as follows and determine which will be helpful for you to fix No internet Secured problem.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

No Internet Secured: Fix Step-By-Step

The first thing, You should always update your Wifi 802.11 Driver time to time. It just not helps only connect the Internet but also keep away with No Internet problem.
To Update Driver ⇒ Device Manager>Network Adapter>Update Driver  Fix, No Internet Secured problem

Method 1#

1# Press Win+X then Opens Network Connections and here your choose WiFi connection and open its properties with Right Click.
You can find Network Properties through Control Panel If you’re not Windows 10, 8 users.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

2# In the WiFi properties, You will Check the following item and save with Ok button.

  • Client for Microsoft Network
  • File and printer sharing for Microsoft network
  • Link layer topology discovery Mapper I/O Driver
  • Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPV6)
  • Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

3# Now Click on WiFi notification icon and Forget Connected Device, Now restart your router and try to connect. If your problem didn’t solve yet, So, you can implement the second method to Fix the problem.

Method 2# 

1# Open Device Manager by using Win+X keys, Inside the Device Manager, Find WiFi adapter properties under the Network Adapter and update wifi driver.
Either if you’re wanting to Install Latest WiFi driver, So, You can Use free Iobit Diver Booster. Go there – Iobit Driver Booster free

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

2# Now click on WiFi icon in notification area and right click on WiFi icon to open network and sharing center. In Network and Sharing center open Change adapter settings.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

3# Now locate WiFi adapter and open properties by right click.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

4# In the WiFi properties Uncheck the Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on OK Button and Restart your Computer.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

5# After open your PC, Go to the Device Manager and uninstall WiFi Driver, You’ll not delete WiFi driver. If you’ll delete your driver so windows will not be able to Reinstall driver.

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

6# Now click on Action Tab in Device Manager and Click Scan For Hardware change and wait until driver will be installed. 

Fix, No Internet Secured problem

Now restart your computer and try to connect WiFi network.

If both methods don’t work so you will have to reinstall OS and reset all windows settings. Probably after following these methods, No internet secured problem is almost over. You can again repeat all method and try to solve, Wish you all the best.


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