Fix, Google Play Store download pending on Android

Often, You found that Google Play Store download pending on Android for a long time. Google recently had mentioned, At one time you can download only one app on Play Store, not several. Hence it’s true but several times, We get “Google play download pending”, Why? We are downloading only one application, But Still How.

Let’s be understood, How it happens.

  • Having stored more cache in storage.
  • Auto app Updating on Play Store.
  • Downloading keeps in Background.

As a more thing can possible to prevent downloading on play store.

Google Play Store download pending: Fix Step-by-step

Let’s go ahead to fix:

First, Stop all background downloading process on play store and prevent auto-updating.

1# Open Play Store and go to My apps & games with the Left swipe on play store.

2# Here, you will check, what is keep on for updating/downloading and just stop all downloading process.

3# Now Close Auto-update apps under the settings of play store.

Let’s try to download apps and find what actually keep on right now.

Now you see that nothing happens with above method, You can clear all cache that gets stored in the internal storage and prevents downloading.

Fix, “Google Play Store download pending” after clearing cache and store data.

Kill all cache and data of Play Store:

1# Open Android settings and Go to the apps and find Google Play store.

2# Open Google Play Store app Information.

3# Clear all Data and Cache of the Play Store.

4# Switchback on the Home Screen and relaunch Play Store and try to download the app.

Hopefully, Everything is working as before, If not. Well, you can try the last method.

Force Stop and Enable:

Open Android settings and Go to the apps and find Google Play store.

Now Force Stop Play store and ReEnable it after few seconds and Restart your device and again try to download apps on play store.

Probably, Each method is working to fix Google Play Store download pending, You can choose which works for you. 

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