How to Fix GeForce Experience Won’t Open on Windows 10, 8 and 7

Geforce Experience is the fellow application of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics card. It helps to keep drivers up to date and optimize the game settings automatically. Many users report that The GeForce Experience not opening on their Windows operating system. If you’re facing this error, So Here In this Guide, We will tell how to Fix GeForce Experience Won’t Open error on Windows system.

Fix GeForce Experience Won’t Open

Here are a Couple of Methods to solve this error, If your GeForce experience not working or not opening on Windows system. Kindly, Follow all below methods Step-By-Step, It could help you somewhat. 

1. Re-Enable GeForce Experience Service

When GeForce Experience service is disabled, So Geforce Experience doesn’t work. You can Enable or Reenable this service on your system.

1. First of all, Press the “Window+R” Shortcut key to open the Run Box.

2. After that, Type the services.msc on the Run box and hit enter button.

3. It opens the “System Services”.

4. On the Local Services, Scroll down and find the service called NVIDIA GeForce Experience service and then Restart or Start the service.

2: Reinstall GeForce Experience

Whenever The application doesn’t work or not open on Windows, So It is obvious that it is due to any problem. It’s a good practice to Reinstall the program If the error occurs with the program, So It gets solved easily.

You can download the latest Geforce Experience.exe from the Geforce Official website and reinstall on your windows operating system.

Download GeForce Experience ⇒ Here

Once Installation is finished, You can run the Geforce Experience application, If It works.

3. Reinstall the NVIDIA Graphics Driver

It may be possible, that is your NVIDIA Graphics Driver, There any problem got with it. Because of that, Your Geforce Experience is not opening. You can follow below steps to reinstall the NVIDIA Graphics driver.

1. First of all, Press the “Windows+R” shortcut key on your keyboard to open the RUN box, then type devmgmt.msc on the run box and Hit Enter Button.

GeForce Experience Won’t Open

2. It opens that Device Manager.

3. On the Device manager and under the “Display Adapters” find the “NVIDIA Geforce Driver” and right click on it then select uninstall options.

GeForce Experience Won’t Open

4. Follow the all instruction to completely remove NVIDIA Driver.

5. Once It is finished, Download the latest NVIDIA graphics Driver from the official website of the NVIDIA.

Go Here ⇒ Download NVIDIA Driver

Select your Graphics Card type and Operating System, and Click Search.

GeForce Experience Won’t Open

Now Download the Latest Driver and Install on your PC.

Important For Windows 10 Users:
If you’re the windows 10 user, So don’t download Graphics Driver. You can install the latest NVIDIA Graphic Drivers through Windows update. When You will check for update, then Windows automatically detects the latest Driver and install self. (Just your Metered Connection should be off).

Hopefully, Your error “GeForce Experience Won’t Open ” has been solved.

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