If you’re facing the following error – ” Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access/on this server” and aren’t able to access the website due to this reason. Don’t worry, Here is the solution that kills your problem.

Many WordPress users have to face this error as they don’t set the permissions for particular directories. When some WordPress directories permissions get changed hence this error occurs. By the way, All directories permission are set by default, Changement yields the problems.

You may fix your problem by changing the file permission using FileZilla or Terminal, Putty.

Fix, You don’t have permission to access/on this server

“Here are the two easy methods, First using FileZilla and Second using Terminal or Putty”

Before proceed, Hope you have set the “www-data:www-data” ownership for the public_html directory.

Using FileZilla

1. First of all, log in to your server as Root user.

2. Go to the following location on your server.


3. Now check all the directories and files permissions and set manually, As mentioned below for every file and directories.

Just Right Click on the File or Directory and select file permissions.

• wp-Admin – 755
• wp-content – 755
• wp-include – 755
• .htaccess – 644

And all other files should have “644” permission.

4. Now you can access your website as before without any trouble.

Using Terminal

1. First of all, Log in to your server as Root User.

ssh [email protected]server_ip_address

2. Now go to the public_html directory using the following command.

cd /var/www/html/example.com/public_html

3. Set the correct permission for each directory and files using the following command.

sudo chmod -R 755 yourDirectoryName

Similarly, You can set the permissions for each directory using the following command by changing the permissions code, As you need to set.

Example, To set 644 permission, use below given command

sudo chmod -R 644 yourDirectoryName

Now you can access your website using apache server with any trouble. Hope this small guide helps you to solve your problem.


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