How to Easily fix Fallout 4 won’t Launch on the PC


Fallout is a single player Action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studio and available on the Common platform including Windows, Xbox, and PS4. It is 5th major release in the Fallout series and was displayed worldwide on November 2015. However, Many People are having trouble with Fallout 4 that Fallout 4 is not opening. If the Fallout 4 won’t launch, It may have an error.

This error is quite common but as well as solutions are quite common and easy as well. You can start your work on solving this problem as All Methods are below as follows.

“Fix Fallout 4 won’t Launch”

1. Update Graphics Driver

First of all, You should update your Graphics Driver as sometimes old graphics driver becomes a cause of this error. So, First, you should remove the old Graphics Driver from your PC and after that Install the Latest version.

“If you’re using Windows 10 right now, So you should update Windows because it automatically detects latest driver updates and installs self.”

“If you’ve already updated your Graphics Driver and after that Game is not opening, So you should roll back the Driver to the Previous version. Sometimes, Latest Driver doesn’t stable with some programs.” You can use Device Manager to roll back the Graphics Driver.

Just Open the Device Manager and Find Graphics Driver and open its properties then Roll Back Driver, After that Restart your PC as well.

Here are few steps to Install new Graphics Driver:

1. First of all, Uninstall the Graphics Driver from your PC. (You can use the Display Driver uninstaller tool to uninstall this one – Download Here)

2. Once, You completed, Go to Graphics Card manufacturer’s official Website and download the latest driver for your PC.


You can use Tweakbit’s Driver updater tool to update the latest one.
Download Tool – Here

3. Once, You’ve successfully Installed new Graphics Driver, So you can start your Game.

If the Problem persists, So you may try out given below methods as well.

2. Verify Integrity of the Game Files

1. First of all, Open the Steam and Go to the Library Tab.

2. On the Library Tab, Just Locate the Fallout 4 game and right click on it to open the Properties.

3. Once, You open the properties, then Go to Local Files Tab.

4. Now Click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files… Now wait for a while and Steam will start Verifying Integrity of Game Files.

5. Once, It is finished, You can relaunch your Fallout 4 Game if error solved successfully.

3. Run Game in Compatibility mode

1. Open Steam and Go to the Library Tab.

2. Now Locate Fallout 4 Game, then Right Click it and choose properties.

3. Next, Go to Local Files Tab and Click on Browse Local Files.

4. Just Find the “Fallout4.exe” and right click it and open its Properties.

5. On the Properties Window, Go to the Compatibility Tab and Enable option Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 8 from the list.

6. Just repeat step 5 for Fallout4Launcher.exe and apply similar settings.

4. Disable Antivirus Program

It’s happened many times that the Antivirus tools interfere with your applications and become a cause of various problems. Therefore you should try to disable Antivirus if you’re unable to launch Fallout 4 on your PC.

It is quite an easy campaign, Hope you know, How you can disable Antivirus program.

Disable your Antivirus and Launch the Game, Still, the problem persists, So you might want to take the discussion of removing the Antivirus from the PC.

If you seem that the Antivirus is a root of this problem, So you can uninstall the Antivirus program and switch on any other.

“Hope your error “Fallout 4 won’t Launch” has been solved”.


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