While browsing through google chrome, firebox and Microsoft Edge, Sometimes we notice that suddenly Internet connectivity gets lost and then appear err_internet_disconnected on the Browser. Err_internet_disconnected prevents to access the Internet through Browser, For this reason, Internet connectivity becomes shutdown.

Let it be clear, How it happens.

Err_internet_disconnected occurs due to malfunction in the Internet Connection otherwise due to malfunction in the Browser, PC Internet Settings, Network Driver, LAN Driver etc.

Whatever, If you’re a victim of this encounter, and wanting to solve this problem as soon as possible. So, Here you can get few Easy methods to fix your Problem.


Here are few methods for help you to fix such error, You can collect them and read step-by-step, Go ahead and read following steps to fix your problem.

Method 1# Check your Internet connection

Sometimes happens, when the Internet Connection becomes disconnect then appear such errors. Before doing anything, I suggest you, check your internet connection, it is working properly and try to connect other devices to the same network and ensure everything is working fine. If you get the error with the router then you can fix and again try to connect the internet. But If you find everything is working fine with other devices but not on a Computer. Then try to Examine your computer what is the error and try to fix using other methods.

Method 2# Check LAN settings

When LAN settings become change automatically then the err_internet_disconnected problem is shown in the Browser. To fix this error you can follow few steps.

• Go to Control Panel and inside the control panel find Internet option and open it.

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

• This opens Internet properties, here locate Connection tab on the top and Go on it. After that, open LAN Settings and make sure everything is Uncheck like the screenshot.

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

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Method 3# Clear All Browsing Data

Sometimes many cookies and cache files get stored in the browser and generate many problems such as 404 not found, err_internet_disconnected and etc. To Fix these type problems, You may clear All browsing data and bring back internet connection to use as before. Let’s follow few steps to clear all Browser Data.

• Open your browser even if anything such as Chrome, FireBox, Edge etc, and press the combination of Ctrl+Shift+Del on the keyboard.

• After that, a popup will be rendered, Where you’ll select all following items and then clear all (The beginning of time) data of your browser.

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

Once It is finished, Browser catches new Internet protocol to access DNS, and then you can use your Internet connection.

Method 4# Reinstall and Update new LAN driver

When the driver becomes old then such errors find to see, to fix this issues you can reinstall and update your driver, If the driver has been updated, try to reinstall and if not, try to update. Probably, You may understand, How important are Drivers.

• Go to Device Manager ( Press Win+R and type devmgmt.msc” ), open network adapter and Uninstall LAN WiFi driver, Don’t delete the driver”.

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

• Then, restart your PC and The Driver will be reinstalled automatically on your windows.

• Now check your err_internet_disconnected problem and also WiFi Connection, If still problem remains. So, You need to Update your WiFi Driver.

If you want to use any type tool, So, Here you can use Free Iobit Driver Booster Tool. It may help you to find new WiFi Ralink driver.

To Use Go there ⇒ Iobit Driver Booster with Free Key

Method 5# Reset Network Setting

This is one of the other methods to solve the err_internet_disconnected problem. You can reset your all Network Settings, It helps you to get back all previous default settings as before and able to connect internet.

Let’s follow few steps to reset Network Settings.

• Open Command Prompt and run as administrator.

• Now type netsh winsock reset command and Hit Enter……….

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

• After few seconds your settings will be reset and need to restart the computer to finish this setup process.

Method 6# Diagnose WiFi Network

The err_internet_disconnected problem may be also Troubleshoot Problem. It can be solved after Diagnose the Network Connection, You can fix it with Run NetWork Diagnose.

Let’s follow few steps to Diagnose.

• Go to the following Location on your Windows.
Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Change Adapter setting>WiFi.

• Select Network connection and click to Diagnose this Connection at the top menu.

How to Easily Fix err_internet_disconnected Browser Connection Error

• Once it is finished. The system will recognize Troubleshoot Problem and will take your permissions to fix Network error. And after that, your connection will ready to use.

Hopefully, Your Problem almost over……….


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