Fix: DNS Probe Finished No Internet on Chrome

While surfing the Internet suddenly Internet connection gets a stack and the error appears on the Google Chrome Browser “DNS Probe Finished No Internet”. Obviously, It could be a DNS Error. Probably, DNS (Domain Name System) is the hierarchical decentralized naming system that connects with the Internet or a private Network and lets you access the host server through Domain Name. Each DNS server connects with a particular Host IP address that loads the webpage from the Cloud Server where website data is stored.

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

Whenever The Internet Connection is slow and the DNS doesn’t connect with the host, So Your Browser may show the DNS Error. But In general, It occurs due to many reasons.  Here, We have mentioned all possible ways to fix “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error that is having with your browser.

Fix: DNS Probe Finished No Internet

Before proceed, You must check your Internet connection, is working properly otherwise not. And Also, Try to open the website on another Brower such as Mozilla or Edge.

If your Internet connection is working on another browser rather than Chrome. So It is obvious that Antivirus or Firewall doesn’t allow Chrome to access the Network. You will have to Turn off the Firewall and Temporarily uninstall the Antivirus.

Turn of all Firewalls using Command Prompt:

• Open the Command Prompt and Run as Administrator. On the Command Prompt Type command “netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off” and Hit the Enter Button.

• Now Go to the Chrome Browser and Visit on the trusted website. Hope you can access the website as the error has been solved.

• To Start the Firewall again, Type the Following Command netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on” on the Command Prompt Admin and Hit the Enter Button.

“Here are few easy Methods to fix DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet”

Method 1: Clear All Browser Data

When many Cache and Cookies Files get stored in the Browser. So, It becomes a cause of DNS Error or Other Browser error. Actually, It is a good practice, We Should clear the Browser data When encountering such errors.

1. Open the Browser and Press the Shortcut keys “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” on your keyboard.

2. It will open the “Clear Browsing Data” Tab, Go to the Advanced tab and clear All time data including everything.

3. Restart your Browser and Check your error.

Method 2: Clear DNS Cache

It is one easy way that could help you to bring back your Internet connection, and Also clear the “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” error.

1. Open your Chrome Browser and Go paste the following URL into the address bar.
URL – chrome://net-internals/#dns

2. Click on the “Clear Host Cache” button to clear host cache.

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

3. You will see, Your connection is back as before. If you’re having the same problem you can use the third method, that is Below as follows.

Method 3: Update Chrome Browser

It is recommended for every user. You should always up to date your browser, Here’s How to update the Chrome Browser.

1. Open the Chrome Browser and go to settings.

2. Under the Settings Go to the “About Chrome” and Update Chrome Browser.

3. Hope, It can fix your DNS Probe error problem somewhat.

Method 4: Flush Outdated DNS

1. Open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC.

2. Type the Following Command “ipconfig /flushdns” and Hit the Enter Button.

3. Now Restart the Computer, and After that Check “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” Error. Hope, It can fix your DNS Probe problem.

Method 5: Run Network Troubleshooter

Network Troubleshooter can help you to Diagnose the common Internet error and help you to bring back the Internet connection. Let’s run Network Troubleshooter and Diagnose the problems.

1. Go to search box on the Taskbar and Type “Network Troubleshooter”, and After that Click on the “Identify and repair network problems”.

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

2. Follow all steps on the Troubleshooter and wait If it can fix the error.

3. Hope, It may help somewhat.

Method 6: Reset TCP and IP

If the error persists, So you may try to reset TCP and Renew the IP Address. You will have to type the all Following commands In order on the Command Prompt.

1. Open the Command Prompt and run as Administrator on your PC.

2. On the opened Command Prompt Admin type the following commands in order. Don’t forget to hit enter after every command.

  • Command: netsh winsock reset
  • Command: netsh int ip reset
  • Command: ipconfig /release
  • Command: ipconfig /renew
  • Command: ipconfig /flushdns

3. Now Check your problem and ensure that, has been solved. Open the Chrome Browser and use as Before.

“Hopefully, These 6 Easy Methods is useful for you. And now Internet connection is working well and no error as “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” is appearing on the Chrome Browser.”

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