How to delete Windows10upgrade folder easily

Most of the users ask what is Windows10upgrade folder in c drive(where Windows is installed) and can I delete this folder. Well, Let’s discuss it.

Well, the Windows10upgrade folder is just like garbage that you can clean. Basically, When you upgrade a new Windows version from the old one using Windows 10 update assistant, then it is created. It may be possible you downloaded Windows 10 update assistant and didn’t upgrade the latest version but the folder is created to store the necessary files and folder.

delete Windows10upgrade folder easily

Most of the users have a question, can I delete Windows10upgrade folder?
The answer is Yes.

What is Windows10updrade folder?

When you use Windows 10 update Assistant to update the Windows 10 to the latest version. This tool downloads and temporarily store the EDS file(Update file) into the upgrade folder. Once you have updated Windows to the latest version it is not useful, therefore you should delete this.

However, You can easily delete windows10upgrade folder within the file explorer but it will not be the correct decision to remove the upgrade folder.

You need to uninstall the Windows 10 update Assistant from your PC, by doing this upgrade folder will be removed too. This is a safe way to remove the upgrade folder from the Windows root directory.

Delete Windows10upgrade Folder

Follow a couple of steps below to perform this task easily:

1. Press the Windows+I shortcut key to open the Windows settings and go to the Apps>Apps&Features.

delete Windows10upgrade folder easily

2. Scroll down to find out the Windows 10 Update Assistant program. Click on it, this shows uninstall button, click on that a popup will appear simply proceed to uninstall.

3. Once you have finished this, you can check the upgrade folder is deleted or not.

Uninstalling the program also removes the associated folders and file from the hard drive. Alternatively, You can use the control panel to uninstall any program. However, there are a number of third-party software in the market right now. Why we should use that one? Windows already provided all necessary features for the users.

If the Windows10upgrade folder still remains in the root directory then you can clean C drive to completely remove this folder. Cleaning the C drive removes all unnecessary files and folders and cleans drive.

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