I have my Asus Laptop that is running on the Windows 10 operating system. One day, I checked my disk management system on my laptop and found an OEM partition which is for recovery. The partition had a 10GB free space that was not in use. I didn’t know about it and decided to delete the OEM partition. 

But is it safe to remove OEM partition?

The answer is YES, There is no problem.

OEM partition is specially designed for recovery purpose, At any time if the system gets failed you can recover it to the original state. You can create a system recovery and keep in OEM partition to ready for any system failure. 

However, It’s OK, but how to delete OEM partition, It is asked by many people, So, Today, Let’s discuss. 

Delete OEM Partition

To complete this task we will use the command prompt. However, you can use third-party software but it doesn’t make sense for little work. 

1: First of all, Go to the start menu and do a search for the command prompt then open it. 

2: On the command prompt type the command “Diskpart” and hit the enter button on your keyboard. 

3: It opens the Diskpart.exe on the new Command Window.

4: Now, Type the command “list disk” to view all the disk of the computer.

5: Next, Type command “select disk n” to select the disk. Here “n” is the number of the Disk.  

Note: If your OEM partition is a couple with SSD Drive, then select SSD disk. 

6: Next, Type the command “list partition” to view all the partition of the disk. 

Delete OEM Partition

7: Now, Select the OEM partition that you want to remove using the “select partition n” command, where “n” is the Recovery/OEM partition number. 

8: Next, Type the command “delete partition override” to delete OEM partition.

Delete OEM Partition

9:  Type “exit” command when the process ends. 

When should we not remove the recovery partition?

It’s an important question that you should read carefully. If you had purchased a laptop with preinstalled genuine Windows 10 and didn’t get any Windows recovery optical disk drive, then never think about removing OEM partition. 

If you have a Windows recovery DVD, then you can delete OEM partition. It’s safe to do. 

Why OEM partition becomes important: If any time your PC gets failed and doesn’t restart, At that time you can recover your PC to the previous state using the recovery partition. Therefore, the Recovery partition becomes important.