To shut down the Windows 10, We often use “Alt+F4” key because it is a quite easy way to shut down the PC. However, there are several ways as well to shut down the Windows PC, but We always use the shortcut.  In this Guide, We will tell you, How to create a Windows 10 shutdown shortcut on your desktop to shut down the PC without using the Alt+F4 key. If you want to shut down your PC in seconds, So just follow our guide step-by-step. 

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Create Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut 

Method 1#

1: On your Desktop screen, Just right click and create new>Shortcut

shutdown shortcut on windows 10

2: It opens a Crate Shortcut Window, Now Enter the Location “shutdown.exe /s /t 0” as an item location. 

Here “0” means Shutdown Windows without delay If you want to set delay just change the value. You can set the delay for 1 Minute or more than it, Simply set the value 60 for the 1-minute delay. 

Similarly, you can set the value 120 for 2 minutes.

3: Click Next to Continue. 

4: Enter the Shortcut Name “Shutdown” and then Finish.

How to Create Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

5: Now, you will get a shortcut named “Shutdown” on your Desktop screen. 

create shutdown shortcut

6: Next, Right-click on the Shortcut and open its properties. 


7: Under the Properties go to the Shortcut tab and click to Change Icon.

Create Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

8: Choose the Shutdown like Icon and then OK>Apply.

How to Create Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

9: Now, You can Shutdown your PC through this Shortcut, Just hit click twice on it and shutdown PC Immediately.

Method 2#

1: Open the Notepad on your Desktop screen.

2: On the Notepad type the following command “shutdown.exe /s /t 0”.
“0” is for immediately Shutdown the PC.

make Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

3: Next, Press the “Ctrl+S” shortcut key to save the shortcut. 

4: Now, Enter the Shortcut Name “Shutdown.bat” and choose “Save as Type” “All Files”, then save on your to shutdown windows 10

5: Just double click on your Shortcut to shut down the PC. 

Hopefully, You successfully Created Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut.

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