CompatTelRunner.exe is a program designed by Microsoft to collect the system’s diagnostic data to make the product improvements. CompatTelRunner.exe is also known as the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry process that runs in the background and sends data periodically to the Microsoft server.

Microsoft collects system settings, the website you browse and how you use apps and Windows features, and all the basic data such as device health, device activity, and errors. This helps Microsoft to improve Windows security, user experience, Windows issues, and troubleshoot the problems.

Although you can manage and delete the data that is being collected, some basic data is essential for Microsoft for product improvement. Either you can let the Windows collect the basic data or full data, regardless of which option you go for, your device is equally secure.

CompatTelRunner.exe process starts automatically in the background as soon as you sign in to Windows. At times this process uses a high amount of CPU and Disk resources as it scans all the files and sends the data over the internet.

This may cause your system to be slow and unresponsive. Therefore, In this guide, we will walk you through how to disable CompatTelRunner.exe in Windows 10.

How to disable CompatTelRunner.exe

There are three steps to disable the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry process in Windows 10. All the steps are below as follows, go ahead and follow step by step.

1. Disable Application Experience using Task Scheduler

“Under the Microsoft Customer Experience improvement program Microsoft collects Programs telemetry information using the Application Experience.”

As it is clear from the name, Task Scheduler is used to schedule the launch of the program. If you set the trigger for any program, then the program triggers automatically at the selected time.

  1. Click the Start menu button and search “Task Scheduler”, and then click the Task Scheduler from the search result to open it.
  2. Navigate to the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Application Experience.
  3. Right-click the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser task, then select Disable.
CompatTelRunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Now the Application Experience task trigger is set to disable, it will not run until you enable this task again.

Instead, you can also edit the trigger, which means you can change the launch time for the program.

Here’s how to do.

  • Right-click the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser task, then open the properties.
  • In the properties, navigate to the Triggers section.
  • Here, you can manage the trigger, create a new trigger, delete the current trigger, or edit.

2. Disable Windows Telemetry using Group Policy Editor

Microsoft collects Windows and apps telemetry information. Although you can apply limitations on data collection, this limitation applies only to the Windows operating system and apps.

  1. Press the “Windows+R” shortcut key to open the Run box, then type “gpedit.msc” in the Run box and hit the enter button.
  2. This opens a Local Group policy editor where you can manage all the policies.
  3. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrator Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds.
CompatTelRunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry
  1. Click twice on the Allow Telemetry.
  2. You can either disable or restrict the data collection under the four levels, Security, Basic, Enhanced, and Full.
  3. Click the apply button.
CompatTelRunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

If Allow Telemetry is set to disable, you will not be able to opt into a Windows and app telemetry information collection. Although you can categorize the data collection level in four categories.

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3. Disable Windows Telemetry using Registry Editor

  1. Open the Run box, type “Regedit” and then hit the enter button.
  2. This opens the Windows Registry Editor.
  3. Navigate to the following key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection.
  4. Right-click in the white empty space, and create new DWORD 32-bit value.
CompatTelRunner.exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry
  1. Give the name “Allow Telemetry” and value 0.

Now CompatTelRunner.exe (Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry) process will not run in the background.

To delete the data that Microsoft has collected. Navigate to Windows settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback, here you can manage and request to delete data.

Under the Delete diagnostic data, click the delete button to make the delete request.

Now the CompatTelRunner.exe process will no longer run in the background. I hope this guide helps you understand the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry data collection process.


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