Start Menu was disappeared on Windows 8 but now is back with Windows 10. However, Start Menu was also on Windows 7 but wasn’t as good as Windows 10’s start menu. Windows 10 Start Menu seems quite good and more convenient.

As we all know, Every feature comes with default setting and Windows let you change the default setting, As you want. Windows 10 shows Icons and Start Menu on the title bar or Taskbar at the Left side.

If you want to change Start Menu and Taskbar color from Black and White to any other. So, Here’s a complete guide to change the Start Menu and Taskbar Color in Windows 10.

Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color

Here are the Few Steps to Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color.

1# On the Desktop Screen just Right Click and open the Personalize.

2# Under the Personalization options, Choose the Colors option.

3# Next, Under the More Options, enable the “Start, Taskbar, and Action Center accent color” option.

How to Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color in Windows 10



Important: If you want to change Title bars and Windows borders color as well, So don’t forget to enable “Title bars and Windows borders” option.

4# Now your Taskbar color has been changed.

5# To change the Taskbar color just choose the color from the Colors option, As you want.

Though, If you want to let Windows choose the color Automatically, Just Enable the “Automatically Pick Accent Color” option.

6# To change the color at any time, Just press the Windows+R shortcut key on your keyboard and type command “control color” and hit Enter.

Hopefully, You successfully changed your Taskbar and Start Menu color. Now just make your Windows beautiful, As you want to see.

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