If you’re a Windows 10’s user, you might want to change your Windows 10 Account username and password. Because, It’s important for your security and also it represents your ownership for your PC.

Changing the Account username and password is quite easy you can do it in a minute. In the previous version of Windows 8 and 7, we used to use the control panel, but on Windows 10 everting gets changed with the new Settings.

Although you might have noticed, there is no such an option to change the account username under the Windows 10’s settings, but password changing is possible here. Fortunately, the Control panel is still present here to help you to change the Account username on Windows 10.

You can use the control panel to change the Windows 10 Account username easily within a minute. If you’re a new Windows 10 user, therefore read this guide carefully.

Change Windows 10 Local Account username

1. First of all, Go to the Search Bar on the taskbar and search “Control Panel” and open it. You can add a control panel desktop icon on the desktop screen if you didn’t find it.

How to change Account username on Windows 10

2. Now Go to the User Account>User Account.

3. Here you will get User related settings, now click to “change your account name”.

4. Now you can enter the desired name that you want to use as a user name.

5. Once you have done this, you can use your account with a new username.

Change Windows 10 Microsoft Account Username

If you have signed in with your Microsoft Account, then you can also change the username using this method. If you don’t know how to create Microsoft Account and sign in through this, you can read here.

1. On your desktop screen press the Windows+R shortcut key, this opens a RUN dialog box.

2. Now type the Netplwiz and click OK. This will open Advanced User Account control panel.

How to change Account username on Windows 10

3. Here, select your Microsoft User Account and open its properties. Before any attempt check, this “users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” under the square box.

Change Windows 10 Local username

4. Under the properties, you can specify your new username and Full Name, Enter your new username and click apply.

Change Windows 10 Microsoft Account username

5. Your Username has changed, you can use your Windows 10 with new username.

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Alternative Method

Alternatively, You can log in with your Microsoft account on Microsoft website and change your account name too.

Here’s how to do?

1. If you want to change your Microsoft Account username, First of all go the Microsoft login page and Sign in with your outlook account.

2. Once you’re logged in, Click the More Action and then Edit profile.

3. Here you can click the Edit Name option to change the name of your profile.

4. Enter your new account name and save it.

Hopefully, You have changed Windows 10 username and as well as Microsoft Account name too. If anytime in future you need to change the username on Windows 10, You can use this useful guide.


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