How to add My Computer icon on desktop in Windows 10

On Windows 7, desktop icons were already present on the desktop screen; we didn’t need to add manually. But on Windows 10, only the Recycle Bin icon is present. Other icons such as My Computer, we have to add manually. In this guide, we will walk you through how to add the My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10.

Show This PC/My Computer Desktop icon

Method 1:

“This PC” was known as the “My Computer” in Windows 7 and 8, but later in Windows 10, Microsoft renamed it.

  1. First of all, open Windows 10’s Settings
  2. Next, navigate to the personalization > themes.
  3. Under the related settings, select Desktop icons settings.
How to add My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10
  1. Now, Select the desktop icons that you want to add on the desktop screen, then Apply and OK.
How to add My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10

Now, This PC icon is enabled on your Desktop screen.

Method 2:

  1. Right-click the desktop screen and then select the Personalize option.
  2. Under the Personalization settings, navigate to the themes section and then click to change desktop icon settings. 
  3. This will open the Desktop icons settings window.
  4. Select the Desktop icon that you want to add on the desktop screen as the shortcut.
  5. Click the Apply button, then OK.

Suppose you don’t like the newly designed This PC/My Computer desktop icon. So to change the icon style, select the icon and click the change icon button. You can choose the icon style that you want to apply, then click the OK.

If you’ve changed the icon, but the icon is not changed on the computer, so you should rebuild the icon cache database. Windows stores all the icons in a database file. If you don’t recreate the icon database, Windows will display the icons using the old database file. This causes no changes to desktop icons.

Hopefully, now your My Computer desktop icon appears on the desktop screen. 

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