On the Windows 7 desktop icons were already present on the desktop screen, but in Windows 8 and Windows 10 disappeared. However, On the Windows 10 icons are modified with the new design, but not a huge change. If My Computer desktop icon is not present on your desktop screen, and if you want to add My Computer icon on the desktop screen. 

Here’s how. 

Method 1#

Show This PC/My Computer desktop icon

Follow a few easy steps to make this happen.

1: First of all, Open the Windows Settings

2: Next, Go to the personalization>themes.

3: Next, find the related settings on the themes tab, then open Desktop icons settings.

How to add My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10

4: Now, Select the desktop icons that you want to enable on the desktop screen, then Apply and OK.

How to add My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10

Now, This PC icon is enabled on your Desktop screen.

Method 2#

1: Right-click on the desktop screen and go to the personalized settings to enable My Computer icon on the desktop screen. 

2: On the Personalization opened tab, navigate the Themes and then click to change desktop icon settings. 

“Now follow the above guide.” 

Hopefully, Now your My Computer icon appears. 

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