Google Now is a feature of Google Seach that offers predictive cards with information and daily updates. Nowadays Technology is becoming more smarter due to Artificial Intelligence. In a day, Many times we use artificial Artificial Intelligence in our smartphones without knowing it. Its woke up examples are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana. These Voice assistants are amazing which do easy our day to day life. We can get many works done by it Such as Switch on Room Lights, Ask for Latest News, Ask for Weather and forecast etc.

How to Activate Google Now Cards
Google Now Cards

However, Google Now Cards are not officially available across the world, Only available in selected countries. Don’t know, Why Google didn’t launch globally. Whatever, I have a little technique that you can use to Activate Google Now Cards on Android in any Country.

Activate Google Now Cards

To activate Google Now Cards on an Android device, Some requirements are necessary.

  • Device Should be Rooted
  • Android version 6.0 or older
  • Unknown Source Enable

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Let’s Begin………

1. First of all, Download the Google App from the PlayStore as few Android Devices don’t have Google App Pre-installed. If Google App already install on your Device, So update it in new version through PlayStore.

2. Once, You have Completed, Open the Google App on your device.

3. On the Google App, If you find Black and White screen around google search bar. It means, Your Country is blacklisted to don’t use Google Cards. And apart from that, If you get the Google Cards, So Enjoy now as It’s available in your Country.

4. To Activate Google Now Cards, We will Install and configure Google Now Enabler application. Just follow the given steps below.

Install Google Now Enabler

Google Now Enabler is a free open source application developed by XDA Developers for only one purpose, to Enable Google Now Card. This simple application is available to download on the official XDA Developers website. You can Download from the given link below.

Download – Google Now Enabler 

“Download only the latest version of the Google Now Enabler”

Once, You have finished Downloading, Open the Downloaded APK file and Install on your Android Device, It will require root access, Just Allow the permission forever.

How to Activate Google Now Cards on Android

Now Just wait for a while and This Application will do a magic. And Now you can open the Google Application and see Google Now Cards as you have activated it.

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