Probably you want to shut down your PC on a specific time that’s why you need to Set Windows 10 shutdown Timer. If you’re downloading or doing something else that will end after some time, then you can set shutdown timer, It will shut down your computer on the selected time.

Here, You can find five easy ways to enable Shutdown Timer in Windows, You can read all methods and choose the best one that you like. First – Using RUN Box, Second – using Command Prompt, Third………..

5 Ways to Set Shutdown Timer in Windows 10

1. Set Shutdown Timer Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a Command Line Tool of Windows NT family, Normally used to run Windows Command. We can easily set auto Shutdown Timer using a simple command on command prompt.

1. Open Command Prompt on your PC, Go to the Taskbar and search CMD, and then open it.

2. In the Command Prompt Window type the Command “shutdown –s –t 1800” (i.e 30 Minutes), then hit the enter button on your Keyboard.

Command: shutdown -s -t 1800

Here, you can set any Duration for Auto Shutdown, For example, 1800 for 30 Minutes, 1200 For 20 Minutes, 600 For 10 Minutes, Similarly.

Here I selected 600 seconds for 10 minutes delay.

Set Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

3. Now Windows 10 Auto Shutdown Timer is enabled, Windows will notify you – You’re about to be Signed out and Windows will shut down in 10 minutes.

Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

4. Once 10 Minutes is over, Windows will Shut Down itself. You can change Shutdown time, just by changing the Auto ShutDown time Duration, As I told you above.

2. Set Auto ShutDown Using PowerShell

PowerShell is similar to Command Prompt, You can use all CMD Commands here as well. PowerShell is a task automation framework from Microsoft and known as the Command-line shell, and used to Various Administrator works.

This method is similar to Method 1:

1. First of all, Open the PowerShell on your PC and RUN as Administrator.

2. In the PowerShell Window type the Command “shutdown.exe /s /t 1800” (i.e 30 Minutes) and Hit the Enter button on your Keyboard.

Command: shutdown.exe /s /t 1800
Set Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

3. The Windows 10 Shutdown Timer is enabled, You can change ShutDown Time duration if you want.

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3. Using RUN Box

RUN Box is a Windows feature to open programs through the program’s name. On your PC, simply Press Windows+R Shortcut key and then Type Program name that you want to open.

1. First of all, Press the Windows+R Shortcut Key on your Keyboard.

2. It opens RUN BOX, On the RUN BOX type “shutdown.exe /s /t 1800” (i.e 30 Minutes) and Hit the Enter button on your Keyboard.

Windows 10 auto Shutdown Timer

3. After that, Window will notify you that you’re about to be Signed out in 30 Minutes.

4. Using Task Scheduler

It’s a feature of Microsoft Windows that provides an ability to set the schedule for a program at the selected time period. It is used for many purposes on Windows computer, Whenever we need to launch the program after the specified time period, So, then it helps a lot.

1. Open the Task Scheduler on your PC, Search the Task Scheduler on your PC and then simply open it up.

2. Once it is opened, Click to Create a Basic task option.

Shutdown Timer

3. Now Enter you Task Name, For Example, ShutDown, Auto shutdown or something else, and then click Next.

Shutdown Timer windows 10

4. Next, Choose your Trigger, When Do you want to Start the Task? Such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One Time, etc. In my case I select One Time, You can select One Time trigger as well, then Next.

5. Now set the Task Start Time and Date then Click Next.

Set Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

6. Select your action type, What action do you want the Task to Perform?

Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

7. Now just Select your program/Script, Click to Browse Button and Go to the Following Location – C:\Windows\System32 and then select shutdown.exe and Click Open.

Auto Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

8. Add the arguments as -s, then Click to next.

Shutdown Timer

9. Now Click to Finish Button, and your Auto ShutDown Timer is Ready to be launch soon.

Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

10. A Message will appear on your Desktop Screen, You’re about to be Signed Out.

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5. Using Notepad

I hope you already know about Notepad and use it as well. So, Through the Notepad, We will create a .bat file to start an Auto ShutDown Timer on Windows 10.

1. First of all, Open the Notepad on your PC.

2. Add the Following Script on the Notepad.
shutdown.exe -s -t 1800 -c “Computer will be shut down in Few Minutes”

Auto shut down Windows 10

3. And Now Press the Ctrl+S Shortcut Key to save this file on your PC.

4. (Important Step) Now Enter the File Name AutoShutDown.bat and also select save as Type – All Files, then click on Save Button.

File Name – AutoShutDown.bat
File Save as Type –
All Files

how to Set Windows 10 Shutdown Timer

5. Now run your AutoShutDown.bat file on your PC.

A popup will appear on your Desktop Screen and Windows will Notify you’re about to be signed out in few minutes. It means your Windows 10 ShutDown Timer is enabled on your computer.

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